23 Months

Despite the fact that I am not 2 yet, I have totally already started the “terrible twos.” Or at least that’s what Mommy thinks – and if I’m going to get much worse she doesn’t want to know about it, because she can’t drink for the next several months and I am already working her last nerve.

Also? The heat and humidity the past few days have left EVERYONE cranky. I know I complained a lot about the winter and so it may seem that there is just no pleasing me, but really in general we’re all good with summer – warm days spent by the pool or beach, or even just retreating to the air conditioned house when it’s just too hot? Fine by me. But the humidity lately – it’s like trying to walk through soup going outside – blech.

That was a little bit of a tangent – sorry. ANYway, in addition to the heat-related crankiness that seems to be affecting everyone, I’ve been throwing more than my fair share of tantrums; I do NOT like it when things do not go my way. In addition to the yelling and crying and flailing, I’ve taken to beating Mommy up. I hit or pinch or even bite every once in a while, and Mommy can’t wait for this particular phase to be over. Also, instead of calmly telling Mommy I’m “all done” and waiting to be let down from my high chair, I’ve taken to flinging my plate and its contents across the room without warning the instant I decide I’ve finished. Henry is the *only* one who enjoys that charming new habit.

On the more positive end of things, I’m learning more and more new words every day – of course my pronunciation needs a bunch of work, but Mommy and Daddy can usually decipher what I might be trying to say. My memory is working over-time; I remember the toys I left behind at Aunt Angela and Uncle David’s house and run to look for them as soon as we get there, I tell Daddy all about Mommy’s and my day when he comes home from school, and I am still talking about our trip to the beach from 2 weeks ago! Heaven help you if you promise me something and then fail to deliver: see the above paragraph re: tantrums.

Still about 24 – 25 pounds and comfortably in my 18 month clothing. I totally lied last month when I said I was in size 5 diapers; I’m definitely still rocking the size 4’s.

So, time to check in with BabyCenter, and see what they say I should be up to…

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

  • Names simple picture in book – Definitely. Coach has a book with lots of pictures of things I know, and I love pointing out everything!
  • Uses 50-70 words – I’m pretty sure, but Mommy hasn’t kept a really accurate count…

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

  • Opens doors – Yes, for sure. This gives Mommy head aches – I let Henry out of Uncle David’s and Aunt Angela’s house last night.
  • Sings simple tunes – I sing *along* with lots of my favorites, but aside from an occasional “Go, go, go! Adventure!” (from The Cat in the Hat), I don’t really break into song on my own.
  • Takes more of an interest in playing with other kids – Michele and Mommy were just commenting the other day that Max and I are playing *together* more lately, rather than just near each other.

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)

  • Talks about self (likes, dislikes) – Not really – I *demonstrate* what I like/dislike, but rarely voice my thoughts.
  • Asks “why?” – No, and Mommy’s not particularly looking forward to that…

    Enjoying my chicken satay – you know, about 3 minutes before flinging it across the room.
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  1. I can't believe he's almost 2!!!

    Matthew started the Terrible Twos early too. But the good thing is, he ended quicker!!

  2. i can't believe you're almost 2!! craziness!! oh, those terrible twos..please give your mama and dadda a break! 🙂

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