Tiny Toddler

Yesterday was my 12 month check-up (because we were away for my actual birthday) and it was my *least* favorite visit to Dr. Andy. It seems there are a few downsides to this turning-one-thing.

First of all, I’m not a baby anymore. Shhh, don’t tell Mommy – she’s having a bit of trouble adjusting to that… but my first birthday made official what my first steps made inevitable: Toddlerhood.

I’m not a baby anymore, which means a few things:

  • No more binky. Mommy doesn’t want me headed off to kindergarten with a pacifier hanging out of my mouth, and she already feels like she’s let it go too far… but I get cranky without my bink! Right now our compromise is that I get the binky for sleepytimes (including naps) and in the car, but those days are numbered. Does anyone have any suggestions for making the process less painful?
  • Apparently, no more bottle. Dr. Andy said I should only be drinking out of my straw cups or sippy cups. Really? That seems a little harsh. I’m only a year old! I drink from my big kid cups during the day, but I like my bedtime bottle and snuggle. Don’t tell on us, but Mommy’s inclined to keep that cuddle time for at least a little while longer.
  • No more formula. That *would* be a big HURRAY! – but I haven’t grown as much as the little lines on Dr. Andy’s paper say I should have. Yesterday, I weighed in at 18 lbs., 11.5 oz, and measured 28.74 in tall. That’s the 1st and 17th percentiles, respectively, according to the CDC, or 12th and 11th according to the WHO. (Mommy is liking the WHO *way* more than the CDC right now.) Here’s the thing, though: if YOU were *constantly* on the move for approximately 15 hours a day, you’d be burning loads of calories, too! I eat all. the. time. Seriously. So, while we were starting to get ready to transition to whole milk (which I tried once and promptly spit out), Dr. Andy said I should try Pediasure for a while instead. Sigh. First of all, this stuff must be made of crushed gemstones and unicorn tears because it is TWICE the price of formula, which in itself is 6 times the cost of milk. So let’s just rephrase that: this magic elixir that I’m supposed to drink now is TWELVE TIMES as expensive as milk. Basically, I can either pay for college or gain a few pounds. Also? I’m not always too wild about new flavors – and there’s no way Mommy was going to risk me wasting a whole 8 ounce bottle of this stuff, so for now she’s making a potion of formula, milk, and Pediasure together. We’ll gradually phase out the formula – and hopefully the Pedisure, too – I’m trying to save for Harvard.

On top of all that, I had to get 4 shots! Here’s hoping today is a better day…

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  1. Claire is a tiny toddler too! I wouldn't be too worried about it. They are ALWAYS moving, which means they won't gain weight as quickly. Good luck with the whole milk situation. I hope the transition goes well.

  2. just keep working on the whole milk. dont do pediasure… seems like a scam and its crap anyway.

    c was less than 19 lbs at 12 months too and then only 19.5 at 15 months i am so curious to see what he will be at 18 mos

  3. Awww, poor Cole! What a cruddy visit!! I think you're just perfect sized. I however, am not a doctor, nor do I play one on the internet. Bummer.

    Good luck with mixing up the magic drink that he likes to eat – Mason is supposed to take vitamin d drops since he's breastfed and apparently they taste like something very very bad. Even one drop in 5 oz of milk makes him refuse the whole bottle *sigh*

  4. Wait dude, I know a girl who was 2 when she stopped the bottle. and I know an almost four year old who STILL HAS IT. That might be a tad bit excessive, but he's just a tiny 1 year old muffin!

  5. Sorry, that last sentence made no sense. the four year old having it is weird. but a one year old?? Why can't have have a bottle?

  6. You know, I've been thinking about this and I've decided that you're LUCKY, Cole! Lucky because you don't grow out of clothes super duper fast! If you have a favorite outfit, you get to wear it more than twice! If your mommy buys you something she loves, it doesn't NOT fit you a week later. Mason's half your age (almost exactly!) and only two pounds smaller than you and having to pack away his clothes SO quickly makes me sad!!

    And I say screw them about the bottle thing. Am I allowed to say screw to a wee little man? Sorry if I'm not, but if you were two, I'd see the point! But you're still a little guy! A bedtime bottle isn't going to hurt anything!

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