Mommy’s version of DIY

We all know about Mommy’s addiction to Pinterest. Her dreams, they are big, but her craft-ability, notsomuch. Luckily, we have a TEAM of more talented relatives for when she finds a project outside of her limited skill set.

When I first started helping Mommy bake, I stood on a kitchen chair, or wobbled uncertainly on the step stool from the bathroom – neither situation was ideal, but the kitchen step stools Mommy found online were ridiculously expensive. After some Googling, she came up with plans for a DIY version. Score!

A quick email to Uncle Eric, and the step stool was as good as mine.


I help Daddy cook once or twice a week now – usually I am in charge of cleaning the mushrooms or stirring the saute pan, but I love being able to reach! The height is adjustable, too, so as I get bigger I can move the platform lower to accommodate.

The other way we use my stool is as a kitchen chair for me; Mommy and Daddy’s kitchen set only has seating for two, and Baby Lulu has taken over my high chair. The platform of my kitchen stool is just the right height for me to sit at the table.


I love cooking!


So, ummmm, psst, Uncle Eric? Mommy’s been noodling around on Google again…

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  1. So Uncle Eric should be SUPER proud – when I saw that stand in your photos yesterday, I TOTALLY thought it was “the real thing” and assumed you’d gotten one for Christmas!

    What a great idea – P would probably much prefer this than Mason sitting on his shoulders all the time! LOL

    • Uncle Eric has made most of our furniture at this point, I think: bookshelves, desk, wall unit – he made my bed when I lived in an apartment after college (that’s still in my parents’ guest room). AND my coffee table and sugar bin/end table were made by his dad.

      I commission my Aunt Angela for fabric stuff – the valances & decorative pillows in Cole’s room, the kids’ Chrostmas stockings… I’m POSITIVE I’ll be bugging her to make some cute pillowcase dresses when I find fabric I’m in love with!

      I can only be trusted with craft paint and hot glue – and even then my results are iffy!

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