Our Week in iPhone Photos: 12/15-12/21

It’s VACATION! Yay! Not that that means there is anything less going on around here; in fact, we are busier than ever in our pre-trip crunch time, but at least Daddy is home from school…


IMG_5184There was snow, so of course we HAD to test out our boots.

I took a nap while Mommy and Daddy and Cole ran errands at Costco.


IMG_5194It was the last Aardvarks of the year!
IMG_5206Sarah and I rocked out.


IMG_5242Tuesday was a snow day!
IMG_5236Mommy did some baking…
IMG_5241…and the excitement got to be too much for me.


IMG_5246On Wednesday, Mommy and I dropped by Costco to pick up my birthday party invitations. and we shared lunch. $1.50 for a hot dog and a soda – can’t beat it!
IMG_5256Daddy took us sledding while Mommy had rehearsal.
IMG_5251And then we got to go to McDonald’s! I liked my snow pants so much, I refused to take them off. Notice Cole demonstrating an alternative approach to the slide.


IMG_5257Cole won the race! He earned his final sticker, and got a MAJOR prize!
IMG_5259Local friends know that Mommy has dropped 40 pounds over the last year; she fell off the Weight Watchers band wagon in a big way around Halloween/her birthday, but joined the gym and has been putting in renewed effort. Still a way to go, but pretty proud of where she is!
IMG_5274Cole had a great swim lesson on Thursday afternoon!
IMG_5281“Mommy, take a picture of me on this wall.” ummm… okay.
IMG_5286You will notice that *I* am not in the picture with Santa. Cole asked him for a present for me, and I stayed as far away as possible.


IMG_5303We had lunch with Aunt Angela, and I got noodle that I ordered all by myself. Um, Stir Crazy? Your high chairs are not high enough,
IMG_5311Cole studied Japan in school and painted his own kimono.
IMG_5323Daddy and Cole playing with their new toy.


IMG_5328Oh, you guys. Saturday was FUN.
IMG_5333Mommy and I went to a Sparkle party where I got a glitter tattoo and had my hair done.
IMG_5339And I danced.
IMG_5345AND double fisted yummy cookies.
IMG_5353After the party, we visited with Grammy Boo for a bit.
IMG_5360Then we had dinner at a friend’s house. Andrew has some pretty great toys.
IMG_5455We went to check out Turtleback Zoo‘s awesome zoo lights.
IMG_5399If you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen the video of me talking about my favorite part: the carousel!
IMG_5422It was a tiring day…

For my friends who celebrate, Merry Christmas! I hope you have a great holiday! Local friends, remember to enter to win a 4 pack of tickets to Disney On Ice presents Princesses & Heroes!

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  1. So jealous of all the snow! Looks amazing! And those light pictures are the end are fabulous! :)-Ashley

  2. Your mommy looks so great! Go, lady, go!

  3. This is great! I love all the photos! Our little one falls asleep in the backpack as well! Happy Holidays!

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