A Look Back at 2013

No iPhone photo post this week – we are on vacation, so I will roll that into one mega post next week – you’re excited, right? In the meantime, let’s look back at anything you may have missed over here in the past 52 weeks.


In January, we celebrated Lulu’s 1st birthday, and she wore the most adorable tutu ever. Uncle Matt and Aunt Maya got married – yay! I posted a silly tutorial because I am obsessed with little girl bows.

I outsourced some DIY in February, and we reviewed the Moby Go – what a teeny squish Lulu was! Cole was the cutest hamentash ever for Purim, and I tried out for Listen to Your Mother – I didn’t make it into the show.

March was a month of adventures; we had a hectic trip to Costco, went to the World of Wings, and Cole and I had a once-in-a-blue-moon day.


We *finally* got around to a dedicated post about our Wompat in April. We hit up the zoo, had tons of fun playdates, played outside, and I made it into my skinny pants.

We started May out with a fun Dinosaur Day, and then Lulu was threatened with a Failure to Thrive diagnosis, to which I said No, thank you. That post sparked a bit of a back lash against Dr. Andy, so we jumped to his defense.

We mostly laid low in June; we did manage a trip to our favorite aquarium, and I am super proud of my Pinterest-inspired teacher gifts – AND completing my Lamaze certification!


July is summer vacation around here, which means lots of swimming and not so much posting. Oops!

We had SO much fun in August! Cole’s Superhero Birthday Party was kind of amazing, we went to Ocean City, and then Adam and I got to go check out Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark.

We had a hard time jumping back into reality in September. We recapped our OC trip, Cole had his first day of pre-K4, and we checked out Touch A Truck – which Cole would like to model his next birthday party on.


October started with International Babywearing Week, and I wore Lulu in a different carrier each day. We went to Turtleback Zoo, and the circus, and trick or treating!

Since the Jewish High Holidays were so late this year, November was really the beginning of our typical weeks in fall. Cole and Lulu posted a ridiculously specific (and effective!) gift guide, and we celebrated Thanksgivukkah.

I can’t believe it’s December already – 2013 flew by! The past few weeks have been an odd mix of lazy snow days, and filled-to-the-brim work days. We managed to pack in ALL of our holiday shopping and pre-vacation planning into the 3 days off before Christmas and heading up here to New Hampshire, and are *not quite* ready to jump into 2014…


2014 Blogging Goals

  • Get on a consistent blogging schedule. This has been a goal for the past 3 years or so, though, so who knows? Maybe 2014 is our year.
  • Interact with our community of friends over on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram – still trying to figure that one out.
  • Remember that I have a real camera – and USE it. I have *over* 10,000 photos from 2013, and almost none of them are non-iPhone shots.


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