A Day with Dinosaurs

IMG_7355We had such a great time at Field Station: Dinosaurs last year that when we were invited to participate in their blogger event this year, we jumped at the chance! My interest in dinosaurs has not waned at all in the past year; if anything, I think I’ve learned more and was MORE excited! We had earlier visited the Isle of Wight where we were able to see dinosaurs fossils you can view the page here to learn all about the Island and find out information about the places to stay at the Island. Mommy laid out no fewer than 5 different thematically appropriate t-shirts for me to choose from when we were getting ready in the morning. I remembered our last visit, and knew what to expect – those life-sized dinosaurs can be a little daunting if you’re not a Big Boy like me. I told Mommy I was not even going to be scared of the T-Rex this year, and I was totally right. I had a *great* time participating in all of the activities to get my passport stamped!

IMG_7358I was ready to go immediately, but Mommy made me pose for a picture.

IMG_7365I was psyched to see the ankylosaurus. Baby Lulu was not so sure.

IMG_7369Around the park, there are several activity stations set up. The task at this one was to put together to connector blocks in shapes according to a template – the pieces are pretty small and difficult to manipulate for a little hands, so this might be better suited to kids a little older than me. I still had fun, though!

IMG_7377This baryonyx is the same guy who scared the heck out of me last year. He’s not so bad!
IMG_7382This activity station was coloring, sponsored by Crayola. It, and most of the other activities, was entirely preschool-kid friendly.

IMG_7397The shows at Field Station: Dinosaurs are *super* fun and interactive. I got to star as Sir Isaac Newton in Avian Dinosaurs!

IMG_7387Lulu enjoyed the show.
IMG_7406I thought these were baby dinosaurs, but it turns out the velociraptors are just on the small side. Nothing wrong with that!

IMG_7411We headed down to The Quarry area to take in a few shows, which was Mommy’s favorite portion of the day; Lulu was pretty happy…

IMG_7433…until this guy came along and she *freaked* out. We can’t blame her; even Mommy’s heart beat faster when the young T-Rex came close to our seats. That costume is super realistic!

IMG_7420It didn’t scare me a bit, though, and I loved every minute of the show!

IMG_7443After a snack from the on-site popcorn vendor, and a hot dog lunch, I got to unearth my own fossil in the digging pit. I found a “pretty” pterodactyl! We had an amazing day. Mommy was a little nervous going in because Daddy had to work so we were there on our own, but I was so actively engaged that I was a great listenener and made good choices All Day. I was old enough to understand and appreciate almost all of the attractions (Mommy can’t wait for me to be big enough to participate in the T-Rex Games!) and we spent over 3 hours wandering around the park. We didn’t quite see *everything* but we found that we had an adequate amount of time and took in almost every attraction. I wanted to see the 3D Dinosaur Movie, but Mommy wasn’t sure if I would get scared, and Baby Lulu for SURE would have not loved it. Maybe next time Daddy will be able to join us, and we can check out the movie on our own. We had just as great a time on our visit this year as we did last year, and will definitely go back. Admission prices vary, but a basic ticket for an adult is $25, and kids aged 3 to 12 get in for $20. $90 for a family of 4 is a teeny bit steep,
but I think there are enough things to do to make Field Station: Dinosaurs a decent day trip and worth the cost – at least for younger kids. Older children, unless they are the most fanatic dino lovers, might not be as captivated with the animatronic creatures.

Quick Tips:

  • You can get discount tickets online if you plan ahead and purchase at least a day before your
  • The pathways are gravel and some sections are a bit steep, so wear comfortable shoes – and you might want to leave the stroller in the car.
  • Most of the attractions are outdoors and in open areas, so be prepared for whatever weather you may encounter. Definitely bring sunscreen this summer, or pack an extra sweater if it’s chilly.
  • The bathroom facilities are porta-potty trailers at the front of the park, and in The Quarry
  • There is food sold in the park, but there is a limited selection (hot dogs, hamburgers,ice cream, etc)
    and it is movie theater pricing. There are tables available in a shaded area if you pack a lunch.


We were invited to visit Field Station:
Dinosaurs free of charge for their Blogger Day, but we would have
visited (and probably posted about it!) again this year
anyway. Nobody tried to tell me what to say, and even if they
did I probably would not have listened. I am 3 1/2, and make my OWN
mind up about things.

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