Happy Hanukkah, Housewarming, & Housekeeping

We have been planning to make the move from Cole’s First Blog for a l-o-n-g time, and finally managed it this week! It’s about time because the original deadline in my mind was May (since Cole started blogging when he was 4 months old, I thought it would be only fair to Lulu – oh well, sorry Lu!).

It has been a major change; not only do we all get a chance to post now (you will be hearing more from Lulu!), but I worked hard on the design and am still making little tweaks as we get used to things around here.  We officially switched from Blogger to WordPress so that is an adjustment as well. We are SUPER excited for threaded comments, which make it easier to facilitate conversations and build our community.

If you are reading in a reader or through email, I’d like to invite you to click through to see what our new place on the web looks like!  Many of our pages (Who’s Who, Thousand Word Thursday, etc) made the move with us almost identical to how they were on the old blog.  We have, however, opened up advertising, so our “Partnerships” page is new.  I have promo codes for free ad spots as we acclimate ourselves to the new site, so contact us if you’re interested!  Additionally, we have added a Calendar page to list local family-friendly events.  If you know of anything going on in the Rockland/Westchester/NY area, let us know!  We’d really like to make it a resource for anyone who wakes up on the weekend wondering, “What should we do today?”  If you are viewing this on the actual blog, I’d be oh so happy if you could take one second and click the button right there on the top right to vote for us on Top Mommy Blogs!

I am sorry to have missed Wear ‘Em Wednesday and Thousand Word Thursday this week; poor Lulu has been sick and NO ONE is sleeping, which makes it difficult to hop on the computer.  Add to that the holiday craziness and we’re looking at a busy few weeks! I welcome you to connect with us on Facebook or Twitter if we haven’t had the chance to post here.  If you have any WordPress tip or tricks, or favorite plug ins, I’d love to hear about them!

And, since we’re well into the second half of Hanukkah, we’d like to share our holiday card with all of you:


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