11 Months

Hi! I’m SO excited to be writing my very first blog post – even if it is a little later in the day than these things usually get done around here…  The whole reason we moved from Cole’s First Blog to our fancy new digs here was so *I* could get a chance to post – and Mommy, too, sometimes.  For those of you following along in a reader or via email, the author should be underneath the title; for example, today, it should say By Lulu up there! Those of you who are reading on the actual blog, there is a pretty picture of me at the top of the post to let you know it’s me.


I am 11 months old today, which means it is my birthday VERY soon and Mommy should get cracking on the planning! We are having a small family dinner in an “I Love Lulu” (“I Love Lucy”) theme, but don’t worry about that right now because there will for sure be a post with a ton of pictures after the fact.

Daddy and Cole went to switch the laundry. Without me. It was the worst.

So. Me. I’m still not walking, which frustrates me to no end, but I crawl like a champ. I am FAST, and I like to climb stairs just to give Mommy and Grammy Boo heart attacks.  My only real word is still “da!” – I’m a real Daddy’s girl… or I’m just enthusiastically agreeable – in Russian.  I’m a bilingual supergenius!

I want to do *everything* my big brother does – I like to play with his toys a TON, which is good because they are the only toys in the house.  I have about 2 toys and everything else is his; I am the hand-me-down queen – so much so that Cole believes *everything* anyone gives me is secondhand!  Aunt Debbie gave me a Tinkerbell cup for Hanukkah, and Cole told Daddy that she gave it to me because she was done with it.

Mostly we spend our days following Cole’s schedule, but on Mondays Mommy and I go to Music for Aardvarks, which is So Much Fun. I like to dance more than anything, and I love to sit and watch Luke play guitar.  It’s nice to get some time with Mommy all to myself, too.

Baby Center time!

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

  • Says “mama” or “dada” to the correct parent – Dada! Dada! DADA!
  • Plays patty cake and peek-a-boo – I love peek a boo! I don’t think anyone has shown me patty cake… but I clap – does that count?
  • Stands alone for a couple of seconds – Yes.
  • Cruises – Like it’s my job.

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

  • Understands “no” and simple instructions – I understand “no” and I do not like it one bit. 
  • Puts objects in a container – Sometimes. Only if I’m done with the objects.

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)

  • Says one word besides “mama” or “dada” – Sometimes Mommy could swear I’m saying words, but nothing consistently.
  • Stoops from standing position – Yes. I’m always dropping things, so then I have to pick them up!
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