This post is late…

…but it’s in under the wire!  Usually, Mommy sets up my posts after Lulu & I have gone to bed for the night – but last night? We never went to bed! Lulu was up until 12:30, and then, just for fun, I joined the party after a bad dream, so Mommy was TOO tired to do anything but head off to sleep.

There are a TON of bloggers and friends on Facebook doing 30 days of being thankful for November in honor of Thanksgiving and, while I didn’t want to commit to that, I do want to express some gratitude for all of the blessings we have.

Every night, before bed, Mommy and I list all of the people who love me: Mommy and Daddy, and Lulu and Henry, Grandma, and Uncle David and Aunt Angela, and Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Jeff, and Grammy Boo and Coach, and Uncle Matt and Aunt Maya, and Michele and Max and Baby Sarah, and Melissa and Trey… The list goes on and on and on – I am so lucky to have so many friends and family that care about me!

We could not have made it through last year, and Mommy’s bed rest, without our support system.  We could not make it through a WEEK without our support system.  Thank you!

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