My Favorite Baby Shower Gifts

On Saturday, Mommy got to go to a baby shower for a good friend.  She thought a lot about what to give before going rogue off the registry for some items that both Baby Lulu and I found essential:

  • a baby carrierObviously.  Mommy chose an Ergo Sport because it is mainstream enough to be non-threatening and more comfortable than some of the other readily available carriers out there
  • Sophie – Mommy still doesn’t understand the magic of this giraffe teether that so resembles a dog’s squeaky toy, but both Lulu and I LOVE it, so in the box it went
  • a Wubbanub – this is a combination soother/lovey; it’s a pacifier attached to a mini stuffed animal, which is *genius* in the car. If your angelic cherub flings it, it won’t get lost under the seats like smaller binkies. Plus? So cute!
  • aden & anais receiving blankets – Mommy was not really convinced that these were any better than the cheaper blankets when I was little, but Lulu has convinced her to change her tune. Now I have one, too, and it’s my favorite blanket!

Mommy followed Jill’s tutorial and folded 2 of the blankets (they come in a 4 pack) into an adorable elephant – he was a hit!

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  1. Your awesome love all the posts and the elephant is adorable!

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