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So this post will be brief because this week? Totally crazy. Daddy had a very busy Monday and didn’t get home ’til after I was sleeping, and yesterday *Mommy* was crazy busy and didn’t get home ’til after I was sleeping.

Crazy busy, you guys.

BEFORE Mommy’s busy evening, though, I had an appointment with Dr. Andy. Good news! No more Carnation Instant Breakfast for me! I grew enough that I can have just straight milk now – I weigh 21lbs 10ozs, and I am 30 inches tall.

Here’s the thing, though – the CDC and WHO charts don’t entirely line up with their percentile rankings. According to the CDC, I am in the 12th percentile by weight and the 17th by height, and on the WHO charts, I am in the 31st percentile by weight and 11th by height. So by the CDC standards I’d be thin for my height, but by the WHO, I’m heavier? That seems a little odd. It all averages out, I guess – if you mash the numbers together and get the mean, I’m at 21.5th percentile for weight and 14th for height. I don’t know what that signifies except that I’m doing useless math.

But you know what? I’m on the charts! Woot, woot!

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  1. It's all so confusing….but yay for being on any chart!!!!

  2. Yay for being on the charts and growing and no more super expensive Carnation! Woot woot Cole!!!

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