Splish Splash!

Ummm, yeah, so remember how I *hated* bath time? It seems like I may or may not have been severely over-reacting; it turns out that a bedtime bath, or short dip in the baby pool, does not constitute water torture.

You guys? Bath time is FUN!

Let me go back a little bit… Because of the fact that I screamed my head off any time I went anywhere near a tub (infant tub, duck tub, kitchen sink, didn’t matter), Mommy and Daddy were not so eager to bathe me. This was okay during the winter months – my “business end” gets cleaned thoroughly several times a day, and it’s not like I’m out working in the field so my, ummm, weekly, baths were sufficient. But then, summer hit – and summer in NY? is HOT. AND sunny! Between sweat and sunblock, bathing became more of a priority.

But Mommy still did not look forward to the purple-faced shrieking that accompanied any brief dip. So she and Daddy decided to try out a new plan; I would get a bath every. single. night. for a whole week. (I know, most of you all probably do this anyway, so no big deal, right? But I can not stress enough how much I HATED, LOATHED, and DESPISED getting wet – and I’m not one to suffer in silence. That face up there? Not happy.)

ANYway, the first night was a disaster, as usual. Mommy dreaded this so much, that she wound up barely running a damp washcloth over me and then whisking me into my nice soft towel, in an attempt to avoid the inevitable tantrum. That didn’t work.

Day 2, Mommy began the same super-speedy clean routine, but Daddy had a suggestion. “Why don’t,” he said, “we try slowing down? Let him calm down a bit.” So we all sat there in the bathroom… I screamed and screamed – and then begrudgingly quieted down until Mommy took me out.

On night 3, Daddy had a class and Mommy seriously considered skipping the bath – but they had agreed to this week-of-baths-every-night, so at bedtime she set it up and put me in. And I screamed – but only for a minute… And then, wonder-of-wonders, I stopped. And SMILED! Bath-time success!

Night 4, I didn’t even scream at all, and on night 5 I discovered how great splashing can be. Now? You cannot keep me from my bedtime bath! And swimming on a hot summer afternoon? WAY better than not swimming.

Check me out:
Also, I totally made a new best friend. I’m told some people have a special blankie, or maybe a nice cuddly teddy bear. I? have a purple plastic octopus. You can see him there in the smiley bath picture… or in my hand every night as I drift off to sleep.

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  1. We had the same issue with swimming. I considered not going anymore but I thought it was better for her to go than not and I didn't want her to have horrible memories of it lol. So we continued to go and I even went on non-swimming lesson days and she *loves* it now. We slowed down (instead of me throwing her in like I was) and now I have a little water bug!

    Good job Cole!

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