#85 – 1000 Awesome Things

Lunch with Friends

I have been a lucky, lucky guy – Mommy and I went to lunch yesterday AND today! (Sorry about the late post today – despite our whirlwind of activities, I stayed up and tried to party most of last night so Mommy and I didn’t get a chance to type one out. Sidenote: Mommy is cranky today for some reason.)

So yesterday, our beach plans thwarted by foul weather, we decided to head over to The Westchester to walk around and run errands. One of Mommy’s oldest friends (and Man of Honor at her wedding!), John lives close to there so she called him up – and guess what? He was free for lunch! We They had yummy sushi at Toyo (I had some of Mommy’s miso soup.). Then Mommy and Daddy and I went to the mall, where I got my first pair of big boy shoes (mandals, naturally) – with real soles! meant for walking on! So as soon as I start to walk I’ll be all set.

Today, we headed into Nyack for a free demo class for Music for Aardvarks (more on that in another post- it was SO much fun!). It was a small class, but we met Michele and her son, Max, who just moved to Rockland County from the city. We decided to hang out for a bit after class and walked over to Harry’s Burrito’s – and Michele bought Mommy and me lunch! Yay! We can’t wait to set up playdates with our brand new friends. {This picture is cheating a little bit – it’s from Harry’s Burrito’s, but not from today.}

And now, since we were up all night, Mommy says it is time for a nap.

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  1. we do music together, but some of my neighbors like music for aardvarks. Ihad over night guests last night and stayed up till 1030 with them! im beat as well!

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