This is why I don’t nap.

Yesterday, I took an uncharacteristically long nap in the afternoon while Daddy was home and Mommy was at rehearsal. Apparently, that was the time that Daddy and I were supposed to go grocery shopping and he didn’t want to wake me up. So what does that mean? This morning, there … Continue reading


I know, I know – the state-of-the-sleep posts are boring… AND they were supposed to be over, given my pronouncement of sleeping through the night about 3 weeks ago. But. Once again, sleep is an issue. Due to Tuesday’s vaccines or my new winter cold or both, I’ve been back … Continue reading

Sleep Advice

Oh, did you think we were done with the “state-of-the-sleep” posts? Not so much. Please excuse if this is somewhat disjointed; I am SO tired and I’m driving Mommy and Daddy into the ground… As some of you noticed, I took a nice, long nap on Sunday – while Mommy … Continue reading

Summer Cold

We had a very busy weekend; my schedule was jam-packed and overfull and, on top of it, I have a bit of a summer cold – my nose has been leaking *constantly.* I’m *very* sleepy today – my body needs time to rest and catch up before I can be … Continue reading