This is why I don’t nap.

Yesterday, I took an uncharacteristically long nap in the afternoon while Daddy was home and Mommy was at rehearsal.

Apparently, that was the time that Daddy and I were supposed to go grocery shopping and he didn’t want to wake me up.

So what does that mean?

This morning, there are no berries. I have been following Mommy around all morning signing and saying “berries” and the best she’s had to offer is Craisins. Which are not the same thing.

Lesson learned: Napping is no good.

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  1. Too cute!! Hope you get some berries soon!!

  2. Awww, you definitely need to go on a berry mission today!!!

  3. Ha ha that is too cute. Thanks for the mention on twitter the other day. I am also looking for likes on my Oprah campaign Im liking your page now.

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