Five Months

Lulu turned 5 months yesterday, and I celebrated by spending 5 HOURS in the pool!  Lulu came swimming, too, but not for nearly as long – we love the water!

We had a nice, relaxing weekend after months of very busy hustle and bustle.  We hit up the Greek Festival on Saturday for yummy gyros and moussaka and loukamades (YUM!) with Grammy Boo and Coach and Uncle Eric and Aunt Debbie and Cousin Meredith, and then yesterday we relaxed poolside for the entire afternoon with Grandma.  Mommy can’t WAIT for the pool to be open on weekdays so we can go there while Daddy’s at school.

Lulu has gotten really good at rolling over from her back to her belly, but still hasn’t mastered belly to back (isn’t that supposed to be the easy one?).  She has managed to figure out how to push up on her arms, though, so she’s not just laying there in a face plant, whimpering, anymore.  She gets *really* frustrated with tummy time, though – she’s much happier to be laying on her back looking around.

Mommy has stopped swaddling Lulu, but she really loves to snuggle in a blanket… She usually sticks her fingers through the holes in her afghan and brings it up to rub her cheeks on it – and she doesn’t really like to sleep without a blanket, no matter how hot it is.  Mommy forgot to bring a blanket out with us the other day, and Lulu got tired – but she wouldn’t fall asleep until Mommy improvised and tucked a burp cloth around her legs!

I can’t wait for Baby Lulu to get big and play with me – and I really want to introduce her to some of my favorite foods; I keep trying to share my fruit snacks with her.  It may not be too long: Mommy’s pretty sure she has a tooth or two coming in…  She has been drooly and cranky – although Mommy claims I was not-so-much cranky as I was Evil-Baby-From-Hades when I was teething, so Lulu seems to be handling it somewhat better.

She’s getting really big! She barely fits on my lap when I want to hold her anymore, and – after a few major poosplosions (TMI?) – she’s moving into size 3 diapers.  No specific height/weight updates because Lulu won’t go back to see Dr. Andy until next month, but she’s moved up into 6 month clothing, which is a really good thing because that’s what size all of her summery hand me downs were.  She was growing out of her winter sweaters just in time for the beautiful weather!

Lets check in with BabyCenter:

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

  • Distinguishes between bold colors – Seriously? How are we supposed to know that? It’s not like she’s coordinating her own outfits at this point or anything…
  • Plays with her hands and feet – She loves to!  Lulu’s feet are her favorite toys.

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

  • Recognizes her own name – Maybe? She smiles at you when you say Baby Lulu – but she’s a pretty smiley girl… She also smiles when you coo, when you call her pretty or gorgeous, and when I do a Tyrannosaurus roar in her face.
  • Turns toward new sounds – Yup.
  • Rolls over in both directions – We discussed this already, but no.  She’s a ROCK STAR at flipping from back to belly (and she can use her legs to spin around on her back), but she’s not really great at flipping from belly to back.

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)

  • Sits momentarily without support – So, so, so close – she’ll definitely be sitting by the end of the month!
  • Mouths objects – Constantly.  Her own hands, toys, other people’s fingers: if she gets ahold of it, it’s going in her mouth.
  • Separation anxiety may begin – Is separation anxiety really a *skill,* Baby Center?  Whatever – Lulu has no anxiety at all.  She’s a big flirt! 
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