I ditched the binky!

Some of you out there know that I have a history of sleep issues; when I was a newborn, there was the colic and the acid reflux – I slept in 20 minute intervals separated by hours of screaming. Fun times. At about 4 months, the baby zantac helped alleviate the acid reflux, but I began teething about 10 minutes later. I never napped, and I did not sleep through the night until 16 months. Mommy was a zombie for the first year and a half.

I also had a problem sucking and swallowing in my early days, and part of my speech therapy was to use a binky to learn how to hold my tongue… and so the obsession began.

It got so bad that one binky wasn’t enough – I was going to bed with TWO binkies: one in my mouth, and a back-up in my hand. And waking up with one of them missing sent me into a sobbing panic.

Mommy started thinking about waging Battle Binky a full YEAR ago… and, in our defense, my precious binkies *were* banished to the car and to my bedroom – and then just to bedtime and naptime.

And that was status quo for a l-o-n-g time.

Until Monday night. On Monday evening, bedtime rolled around – and my binkies were nowhere to be found. Mommy pretty much decided on the spot that it was time to go cold turkey, but Daddy had a mini-panic moment and tore my room apart looking for one. It was a fruitless search, and Mommy made him give up before he could upset me. So she tucked me in without a binky and a big kiss for her Big Boy.

And you know what? I went to sleep – and slept through until morning! Then, Tuesday naptime came – and I asked for my binky, which Mommy had found by then, but didn’t put up too much of an argument when Mommy said no.

Last night at bedtime? I didn’t even bring it up. So I’m binky free! Wahoo! Next stop, potty training…

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  1. Way to go on tossing those binkys. Good job!

  2. Contratulations Cole! You're such a big boy. And good job to mommy
    Y and daddy for being strong and sticking with it!

  3. Good job Cole! You are such a big boy!

  4. awwww!!! so sweet! good job!

  5. Oh, wow! I hope my binky battle with The Munchkin goes so smoothly!

  6. Oh my gosh, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go, Cole! I'm very proud of you!!!

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