Massaging Action Teether: Toy Review Tuesday

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This will be my last teething post for a while, I promise… I cut my first tooth on Saturday! It was a really long and cranky week leading up to it.

After last week’s review, people gave Mommy a few suggestions to help me feel better:

1 – Frozen binkies: Mommy takes a regular Playtex Binky (I prefer the latex ones to silicone) , fills it with water, and sticks it in the freezer – voila! An hour later, I have a frozen binky to suck on. It doesn’t last long – the temperature in my mouth melts the ice in about 10 minutes, but it’s soothing for a little while. The only problem is that the water drips out the front as it melts – Mommy doesn’t worry too much about that because really, what’s a 1/2 teaspoon of water when I’ve been non-stop drooling for 2 weeks?

But there are times when the frozen binky just doesn’t cut it. When even my Winkel and Sophie just irritate me because they are not helping. When NONE of my toys are attractive to me at all. When Mommy-snuggles just don’t distract me from the pain of a jagged, calcified structure ripping its way through my tender gums…

That’s when Mommy pulls out my new favorite:

2 -Massaging Action Teether Made by Learning Curve,this star shaped teether vibrates when I chomp down on it. Mommy picked it up at Babies R Us for about $8 – a whole lot cheaper than Sophie (who I *love,* but let’s face it basically just sits there). The yellow part is covered with some sort of soft rubber that gives a little when I bite down and the blue and red thingy on the handle spins and rattles a little bit. I can hold the handle and manipulate this all by myself and the vibration works with only a bit of pressure so I can manage all on my own. The only downside we can see so far is that there is no way to change the batteries so when they run out, Mommy will have to get me a whole new one.

Hopefully, this teething thing is all under control now and I’ll be able to share reviews on more fun stuff – Mommy took some video of me in my new jumperoo that I’d like to share! Also, I’ve made friends with a nice seahorse who helps me fall asleep…

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only Mom who whips out the camera when in the presence of a crying child! I have 3 snotty, teary pictures of my youngest having a fit after a nap. They're awesome.

  2. Awww, that picture of saddddd Cole is adorable. And hilarious. And oh so sad. Yay for the “entries like this” widget!

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