Beautiful Baby Search

Coach (Mommy’s daddy) is retired and apparently has time on his hands to watch morning talk shows. He saw Regis and Kelly talking about their beautiful baby contest and thinks I can win. Mommy thinks so, too; they’re both biased – some of that money for college would sure be nice, though!

In order for me to enter, I have to pick a photo to submit – but, since Mommy is like the mamarazzi, I have a trillion to choose from! Can you help me out by voting on your favorite from the ones below?

ETA: The poll is closed and picture #4 one in a close race! I’ll let you know how my entry goes!
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  1. Either the second or the last one. I like the last one the best!! He can win!

  2. Hi Cole 🙂 it's Dara.

    You have not met me yet. But i know your mommy Sarah, and Aunt Rebecca. i choose #2 or #4!

  3. I'm with Rebecca! Second or Last but esp. the last one (She sent me over here from her blog lol)

  4. Looks like the bathtime picture is the winner so far, but the first one might catch up…

    Thanks for all your comments and votes!

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