21 Months

Lulu’s milestone post is only 2 weeks late this time around, which is pretty great given our recent track record. Let me just take a second to congratulate our friend Jessica for winning the 4-pack of tickets to the circus tonight – if you didn’t win, you can purchase tickets … Continue reading

18 Months

Lulu turned 18 months yesterday, which is the most insane thing EVER. She is getting so big, so fast! Mommy does NOT recall my first two years going by in the blink of an eye like this… I pointed out to her that Baby Lulu is getting to be a … Continue reading

16 Months

Lulu turned 16 months on Frieday, so this post is somewhat late, but c’est la vie. Our family manages to be late for everything nowadays. Every day Lulu is less and less baby-like; she has picked up half a dozen signs in the past months, and a few spoken words, … Continue reading

15 Months

Yesterday was my 15 monthday – how crazy is that? I just visited Dr. Andy so he could check my mouth after I face planted off a bench, so I have updated weight if not my other stats. I currently tip the scales at a little over 21 pounds, and … Continue reading

14 Months

Well, February went by in a flash. It might be that everything is blurry because Baby Lulu Never Stops Moving. Walking is old news – now she runs and climbs and dances everywhere. She is a little monkey and thinks that she is my age so that is not really … Continue reading