Sunday Stealing

  I stole this meme from ‘Manda, who stole it from Sunday Stealing, who stole it from Kontan from Kontan’s Place, who explains that she stole the meme from Tense Teacher. If you like the meme answer the questions yourself with a link back to me and Sunday Stealing.  1. How … Continue reading

NaBloPoMo Success!

Today is the last day in February – with this writing, I have successfully posted every day in February to complete the NaBloPoMo challenge. NaBloPoMo is “National Blog Posting Month,” which is roughly based on NaNoWriMo, “National Novel Writing Month.” In addition to being a blog challenge rather than a … Continue reading

A Meme for Monday

Happy February! It was *really* cold here this weekend, so we didn’t get to go on any big adventures. I did get to go see BOTH sets of grandparents! Grammy and Coach had us over on Saturday night for a “Januaryfest” meal of wursts and sauerkraut, and Grandma and Grandpa … Continue reading