So the “vacation” I referenced in the last post was maybe something of a misnomer; we have not really stopped attending to all of the various issues so much as slowed down a bit. Lu had an orthopedist appointment the DAY I posted where he referred her for some physical … Continue reading


The first 6 months of 2019 were not my favorite. Except when I started playing Athleisuremag. Lu’s medical concerns were the first and foremost cause of stress, but the tension took an emotional toll on all of the rest of us, too. We have been having a rough time. After … Continue reading

Just Keep Swimming

Everything with Lu sort of calmed down after the MRI. Her symptoms are still there, but they are stable and we still don’t know what’s behind them so we can’t really be proactive. There likely won’t be any new, big information until we start talking about eye surgery in the … Continue reading

Three Months

Lu’s fall and the knee fracture may not necessarily be connected to her subsequent symptoms, but it seems like the starting point of the health concerns and doctor visit merry go round we have gotten trapped on. She fell on December 27. Her eye crossed January 6. The third issue … Continue reading


Sigh. Last week, Neurologist called with the MRI report and seemed convinced that the excess spinal fluid was the cause of at least some of Lu’s issues if not all. Unfortunately, after he spoke with Neurosurgeon, he rescinded that answer. Our Neurosurgeon visit today offered no further illumination; the pineal … Continue reading

An answer

Our amazing neurologist called yesterday morning and while he had not personally seen the scan yet, he had spoken to the radiologist and there is something there. #NOTATUMOR, but there IS extra fluid on her spinal cord – pretty much all over, from her neck down to the lower spine. He has referred us to … Continue reading


Mission accomplished! We made it the required 3 weeks of cold and fever symptom free time and got toLu’s appointment early today – no traffic heading into the city. She changed into hospital jammies and calmly played and colored while they took her vitals and we waited for her turn. … Continue reading


Last Thursday was really hard and it pushed me right over some kind of edge where I had been teetering for the preceding few weeks. I had been barely holding on and that was a breaking point. I have since regrouped and just keep putting one foot ahead of the other. … Continue reading