So the “vacation” I referenced in the last post was maybe something of a misnomer; we have not really stopped attending to all of the various issues so much as slowed down a bit. Lu had an orthopedist appointment the DAY I posted where he referred her for some physical therapy – which was somewhat unexpected – so I will need to address that. She continues to see the urologist regularly, takes multiple medications a day, and is in contact with our pediatrician as well. I am NOT ignoring her medical needs.

For the emotional health of our entire family, though, we could not continue as we were doing. Me shlepping children to 3 doctor’s appointments per week was not working, and putting all of my attention on Lulu meant Cole and my house and my marriage and my work were all somewhat neglected – nevermind my OWN needs which were consistently bumped to the bottom of the ever-growing list.

July has been a bit of a fresh start. We slowed down the appointments – one a week rather than 2-3. Cole’s medication is finally mostly sorted out – a process that should have been taken care of in December, but got dragged out while his sister received the lion’s share of my energy. I went to a professional conference and felt like MYSELF for the first time in a long time. And I have picked Baby To Go back up and am booking clients and resuming communication. Adam and the kids came with me to my convention and had a bit of vacation time, which we all desperately needed.

Lulu’s eye surgery is scheduled for September 26, so hopefully that will be the end of that chapter. We are slowly making progress with acuvue oasys lens. We still don’t have answers, but we have a plan, and that will have to be good enough for the moment.

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