Weekend Reprieve

There was supposed to be a crazy mega snowstorm this weekend – and everyone in the area prepared for snowmageddon… which never showed up, thankfully.

The weather threatened to mess with our plans, but I am so glad it held off. We had the Best Broken Leg Dance Party you ever saw – and I am so happy that the birthday girl was thrilled. What was originally meant to be a ballerina themed dance party required a bit of tweaking given that the guest of honor was in a hip to toes cast, but Miss Donna at Steeltoes is INCREDIBLE and did not skip a beat when I called her to tell her that the dance party we had scheduled would need some modifications. The bakers at Caked Up took the challenge of a decorated cast cake (pink!) and exceeded expectations. My friend, Paige, who owns Pigtails and Friends graciously fit us in last minute and stopped by to do some facepainting to make sure there was an activity that Lu could definitely fully participate in.

After the party, I shifted gears to focus on my OTHER kid and we headed down to Long Island to stay overnight with Aunt Angela so that we were closer to his gymnastics meet. Cole is, I’m pretty sure, the weak link on his team, but I am incredibly proud of his focus and commitment. He chose to go to an extra practice last week, and really put in a lot of energy toward improving from the last meet. The noisy, chaotic gym environment is a challenge for him and I am kvelling over his determination and progress. It was even better to get away for the night with him – as he told my aunt, “it’s kind of crazy in our house right now.”

After the weekend, though, we are back to tackling Lu’s appointments and trying to figure out what is going on with her. The medication from last week luckily does not seem to have any impact on her vision, but also does not solve the issue it was prescribed for. She is collecting specialists like trading cards and we still don’t have many answers. I made Adam take the day off yesterday to come with us into the city because I could not face another solo ordeal like last week. We saw a neuro ophthalmologist and he is not convinced that nerve six weakness is/is the only issue. So we’ll be heading back in for more thorough MRI imaging: brain, orbits, brain stem, spine. If we don’t get the information they are looking for there, the next step might be a lumbar puncture. We have appointments on the calendar for a follow-up with the pediatric orthopedist (cross your fingers that we can downsize or get rid of this cast!) and a consult with a pediatric urologist.

Grammy Boo drove up from North Carolina even though I told her not to – she is not a doctor; what, really, could she do? I’m glad she ignored that. She is back-up for child care when our schedules are tight and she is off running errands today that I just have not had the time or energy to get to. (Psst, Chanukkah presents coming your way, Charlie & Maddie!) Lu is just happy to see her – although we will be sure to reinforce that she need not go to such drastic measures to visit with Grammy Boo. We HAVE FaceTime.

6 doctors, 0 answers. We will figure this out!



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