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I started the day mindfully taking the morning off from stress and anxiety and heading to brunch with a friend to watch the demolition of the old Tappan Zee Bridge and share a day cocktail or two. There was some miscommunication and unanticipated crowds and I watched from outside for a decent amount of time before making it in to The View and enjoying my much-anticipated mimosa while we waited… and waited… and waited. The implosion of the east side of the span was underwhelming. I had a sentimentality attached to that bridge and am sad to see it go, and the demolition itself was over in a blink. Still, I had a nice morning and it was an excellent diversion from driving myself nuts.

From the viewing party, I headed over to Nyack Hospital to get a copy of Lu’s CT scan to bring to our appointment this afternoon and then went to pick her up. We headed into the city and had difficulty finding parking. I had *thought* there was a lot/valet right where we were going, but I did not pay close enough attention to the location and that was not the case. We were lucky enough to find a spot in relatively short order – nearly 3 blocks away. Which is not far at all, unless you can’t really walk in which case it may as well be a marathon. Lu is already overtired and frustrated with her walker and we had a Moment on the sidewalk. I ended up piggy-backing her, cast and all, while carrying her walker, my pocketbook, and our paperwork for 2 and a half blocks. Shout out to Teri for calling ahead to let the office know we were running a few moments behind and to Brady, my super hero of the day. She knows what she did.

Our neurologist visit was a bit like the TZB viewing; I have approached every doctor’s appointment thus far with the anticipation that now we will know what this is and have a Plan Of Action – this one possibly more than any of the others because we were going to a Specialist in The City. Surely he would have all of our answers, no? Turns out notsomuch. He agreed that the MRI/CT scan were clear and that this seems to be unrelated to her fall and entirely coincidental – and yes, her eyes are definitely doing that but no, we don’t really know why. Or what to do about it. He has referred us to a pediatric ophthamologist AND a neuro-ophthalmologist so I will be calling tomorrow to make those appointments. Soooooo… pretty much what we already knew. (Confirmed, which is nice, but still.)

I am out of wine.


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