Why I March

I was privileged to be a part of history in the making on Saturday. I don’t know that I have the words to adequately explain my motivation for attending the Women’s March or the overwhelming emotion of the day, but I am going to try. When my children ask about this election and where I stood, I want to point to pictures and posts and say I stood for what I believe in. I stood for equality and respect and love and kindness. I stood against misogyny and sexism and racism and hate.

I stand with Hillary: a strong, smart, competent woman who lost against a man who is none of those things. I stand with Ruth, who fights for equality and dreams of nine women on the Supreme Court. I stand with Maya and Eleanor who believe in changing that which you cannot accept. I stand with Susan and Elizabeth and Malala who urge women to use their voices and men to listen. I stand with Beyonce and Michelle who will tell you it is girls who run the world.

I marched for my daughter. I marched so she will always have the right to make decisions for her own body. I marched so that someday she can run for office or stay at home with her children and that both will be valid choices. I marched so that she will always have access to education and healthcare.

I marched for my son. I marched so he will grow up in a world that values all people. I marched so that he remembers and becomes the strong man I know he can be. I marched so that someday HE can run for office or stay at home with his children and that both will be valid choices. I marched so that he sees and learns and does not grow up thinking “locker room talk” is normal and acceptable.

I marched for me. I marched as a part of something bigger than myself. I marched to amplify my voice and to stand with women AND men for what we believe is right. I marched because it is not just our right but our responsibility to take action and protest injustice.

I marched on Saturday and will keep marching as long as is needed for our voices to be heard. We will not be stopped. We are the change.



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