Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Having a membership at the Bronx Zoo makes it a no brainer activity for school vacations when we are casting about for something to do; we go there so often, Cole could practically lead tours! He knows how to navigate to his favorite animal exhibits, can identify the differences between peacocks and peahens, is perpetually saddened by the plight of the tigers as explained at Tiger Mountain, and is greatly looking forward to checking out the newly renovated Children’s Zoo. Our most recent visit had an exciting purpose, though: a Selfie Scavenger Hunt! And if you were to click here, you’d know the kind of camera that best suited our purpose. The membership newsletter described a contest that we could enter by emailing in selfies with specific winter-loving animals – probably in an effort to draw more visitors to the park in the off-season. Cole was *thrilled* to collect his selfies and enter the contest, and really, really wants to win. *I* was happy to oblige and to have more of a purpose to our visit than our usual aimless meandering.

It’s really hard to take selfies with animals, though, and throwing in an impatient 5-year-old would test the limits of any photographer’s skill. We did our best, but I’m hoping this contest is more of a “draw a name from all of the eligible entries” thing than a “choose the nicest photo set” thing…


Sea Lions – I was trying to get us in front of the mama & baby nursing pair, but no luck.


The picture we tried to take in front of the actual tiger didn’t come out so great – he moved, so we took a shot with the sign instead.IMG_5285

Polar Bear


There is a snow leopard behind us, I swear.


Red Panda

IMG_5317Lulu and Daddy came with us, too.


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  1. Oh my gosh, the red panda picture CRACKS me up!!

    What a neat idea they had! Love it!

  2. We have the zoo membership too, but missed this event. These pictures are great, I’m glad that Cole had such a good time.

  3. Sweet! What a fun activity for a weekend 🙂

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