Our Week in iPhone Photos: 1/12-1/18

Quick drive by photo dump… I *promise* Mommy will get to my party pics and a 2-year milestone post soon!


Mommy headed back into work after several weeks off.


IMG_6191What do we do on Mondays? All together now: Aardvarks!

Cole and I practiced the back float in the tub.


IMG_6236Cole insisted on sitting next to me at my well-care visit so that I “wouldn’t be scared.” I wasn’t scared anyway, but he’s a pretty nice big brother. Mommy’s not sure why we both look so somber in this, the one and only pic she got before Dr. Andy came in – no one was unhappy. Did you see I brought my Doc McStuffins kit with me?

IMG_6242 Cole got to go play at Trey’s house for a while in the afternoon.


IMG_6245We took a walk for sushi for lunch, and the nice lady gave us both lollipops. Cole insisted that Mommy take our picture.


No pics from Thursday. Whomp whomp.


IMG_6266I insisted on a bun like Mommy.

IMG_6253This is a zebra at Mommy’s gym, and people keep trying to tell me I am getting too big to ride him, but it is FUN!


IMG_6303Cole brushed off Mommy’s car for her. Or the bottom half at least.

IMG_6315Is it weird that we go to the grocery store as an outing several times a week? This week we hit different grocery stores *four days in a row.* Yes, you don’t need to answer that – it’s weird. (ShopRite, Fairway, Whole Foods, and DeCicco’s – if you were wondering.)

IMG_6320Grandma came over for dinner!

Still getting used to the Mac – specifically the “Add Media” window was made for someone with much better eyes than Mommy’s, and we haven’t been able to successfully fix the settings on that…

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  1. I did notice the Doc McStuffins kit in the doctor’s office. SO CUTE!! They both do look very serious. Health care is a serious issue, I guess! 😀 I love that Cole is a helper with the snow on the car! He’s adorable! –Lisa

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