Our Week in iPhone Photos: 11/10-11/16

What a week! We started *and* ended our week at the new play space in the mall; we will have a ton more to say about that – and maybe a giveaway! In the meantime, Hanukkah is almost upon us – we better start hustling with our shopping… We HAVE gotten our cards out already, though! (Enter our giveaway for a $50 credit to Tiny Prints!)


IMG_4200Eggs, toast, and a tootsie pop – breakfast of champions!
IMG_4205There’s chocolate on my face because I had a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. We LOVE when Daddy is the first parent up in the morning!
IMG_4210Sunday was Coach’s birthday, and Aunt Maya & Uncle Matt sent a hot dog party!
IMG_4218There was a big box from Portillo’s with hot dogs, buns, and ALL the fixings to create Chicago hot dogs – including the very important paper hat!
IMG_4221Daddy was excited because apparently he didn’t get to try a Chicago style hot dog the last time he and Mommy traveled there.
IMG_4227Mommy loves when we get tuckered out and fall asleep on the way home.


IMG_4260Cole and Mommy met up with Melissa and Trey to check out Billy Beez. Cole was pretty much a blur the entire time he was there.
IMG_4274sliding with Trey – sure looks like fun!
IMG_4279Meanwhile, I went grocery shopping with Daddy.
IMG_4283We stopped at Starbucks, too, but I’m pretty sure I got the weaker parent-child playdate on Monday.


IMG_4300Cole earned a prize on Tuesday, so we took a trip to the Disney store.
IMG_4312I helped Daddy and Cole do a puzzle before bed.


IMG_4326Lazy Wednesday lunch with Mommy – I love chicken nuggets!
IMG_4342I put on kitchen concerts every chance I get.
IMG_4350Snuggles before bed!


IMG_4355It has gotten too cold to walk the lake consistently so Mommy joined a gym near Cole’s school. Two unexpected bonuses: 1) the childcare room tuckers me out so well that my naps are back, and 2) child-free showers for Mommy!
IMG_4371Thursday was kind of a long day, so I was beat by the time we hit the temple holiday boutique. (Can we talk about how much I look like Mommy’s mini-me here?)


IMG_4381I don’t even remember what we did on Friday, but bedtime snuggles are a win.


IMG_4451We were lucky enough to play at Billy Beez ALL morning, before we took a quick lunch break.
IMG_4452Climbing and jumping and playing and sliding will make you hungry.
IMG_4436Cole window shopped for some new sunnies while we were at the mall.
IMG_4439Did I mention we played ALL morning? I was asleep before we made it out to the car.

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  1. I look forward to your posts every week. I may not comment often, but you always put a smile on my face!

    • Thank you so much! The ONLY good thing about the weather getting a little colder will be pics of the kids in their adorable hats!

  2. Totally adorable! I swear to God, that play place looks really familiar to me! I feel like we have one just like that near us! 🙂 I am dying over the cuteness of both your kids!-Ashley

    • It’s the first one in the US, but there are definitely similar places out there – we are going to have a full review soon, and you are going to die at the cuteness of the magisto video…

  3. What is this billy beez place?

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