Superhero Training Academy

pinHey you guys! It’s been forever and a day since I posted – you let Baby Lulu take over one feature and all of a sudden she’s the only one that posts on here anymore! You might remember that this started out as *my* First Blog.

I’m making my triumphant return here to recap my birthday party – I’m not actually 4 until August 24th, but we’re going away for the week at the end of the summer and there were some other conflicts, so we had the party this past Sunday. Are you ready for some pictures? You actually don’t have much of a choice, because that’s what we’ve got going on today…

First, a few details:

4The invitations – Mommy took out pertinent details like her cell number for this web version…
IMG_0413This was my special Batman shirt – Christine from ThreeTinyTurtles made my shirt this year, and I could NOT have been happier with it. Mommy asked for a shirt and cape with a Batman theme, and I *loved* how it turned out! The shirt itself is really soft, and the quality of the design and applique are terrific – plus it came super fast…
P1010251After forgetting to get a picture of last year’s water bottles, Mommy made sure to get one this year. Coach expressed disbelief that she had made them again this year, and also posited that no one really notices them, but Mommy thinks they are a really cute and simple detail. What do you think? Worth the effort?
wantedOne of the activities at the party was capturing the Bad Guy – Coach, in disguise! We had Wanted posters up so all of the apprentice super heroes would recognize the villain when he turned up.


P1010230If I had had my way, EVERYONE at the party would have been wearing a superhero shirt, but Mommy said I couldn’t mandate a dress code. She got Daddy a Batman shirt anyway, and Aunt Angela helped make Lulu’s dress – how cute is it?! Grammy Boo bought Mommy a sewing machine so she can do dresses for Lulu all the time now – you know, as soon as she learns how to use the thing…

The Activities:

ID cardMommy printed out Superhero ID cards on card stock and cut them out for each child. The kids went through 6 stations to become official superheroes!
P1010265First, everyone got to choose a cape (Mommy made simple, no sew ones from felt and ribbon) and put their initial on it. Then we got to decorate them with stick on stars.
P1010259Mommy’s friend Tess offered face painting and temporary tattoos for our super disguises.
IMG_0956To show super strength, we lifted a 200 pounds barbell.
IMG_1834For courage, we rescued Sugarplum from fire – Mommy put out a 4×4 and tissue paper for us to walk across.
IMG_1838There was bubble wrap taped to the ground for us to run across and get our “special effects.” (You know, “pop!” “crack!”)
P1010274A photobooth made from a blanket, Halloween spider web material, cardstock, and foam board made Gotham City for us to fly against for a Superhero photo.
P1010282Finally, after everyone had made their way through the stations, the Cosmic Criminal Cowboy showed up and tried to steal my birthday cake! We all chased him off with silly string and saved the day!

The park we were in was really nice, so in addition to all of Mommy’s planned activities, there were several play structures and a kiddie pool. Also, there were more kids at my party than just me and Baby Lulu, but some of them are camera shy, and Mommy doesn’t post pics of other people’s kids online without permission…

For Yums:

IMG_0933The sheetcake came from Costco, and Mommy baked a square cake and cut it into the Superman shield shape for the top. She made frosting for it, and decorated it with a “C” in m&ms for SuperCole.
IMG_0935The Spiderman cupcakes were nut-free for some of my friends with allergies.
P1010224“Spiderman Salsa” was a 7-layer dip with chips…
P1010225We had quite a buffet – and WAY too much food! We had Green Goblin Tossed Salad, SuperHERO sandwiches (Powerpuff Pesto & Incredibles Italian Combo), along with Wonderwoman Veggie Wraps, Mighty Macaroni Salad, and Captain American Caprese.
P1010226YUM. Also? So. Much. Food.
P1010252To drink, we had Justice Juice (lemonade), Transformers Iced Tea (sugar free), and Power Punch (diluted juice), in addition to my water bottles.
P1010295In the corner of this picture, you can see the bat signal shaped cut watermelon.
P1010313AND the ice cream truck came, packed with superhero ice cream treats! I chose a Powerpuff girls pop.

Friends & Fun:

IMG_0952Max showed off his Super Strength.
IMG_0970Lulu was in love with the balloons.
IMG_0977C lined up with Lulu for a group photo.
IMG_1023Super Trey!
P1010236Rachel helped everyone make their capes.
P1010239Meredith came dressed for the occasion.
P1010263Sarah wasn’t entirely sure how the photo booth worked.
P1010297I blew out all my candles!
P1010299Cousin Amy helped us get ready all week!
P1010302We were so happy Aunt Rebecca made the trip all the way from DC.

P1010314Strike a Superhero pose!

What should my theme be next year?

BIG special thank you’s to Cousin Amy for 3 days of slave labor, and to Ethan, Rachel, and Tess for helping out on the day of the party. Thanks to Coach for being such a great sport, to Grammy Boo for providing the cake and ice cream, and both of them for transporting balloons and coolers and all sorts of helpfulness. Thank you to Grandma for hanging out with me and Baby Lulu in the morning so Daddy could cut bat watermelon, to Aunt Angela and Uncle David for picking up last minute ice, and to Aunt Angela for making Lulu’s dress and packing up ALL the food. We are so grateful to all of our friends and family for sharing my special day!

ThreeTinyTurtles gave me a discount on my special birthday t-shirt, but all opinions are my own – I LOVE it!

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  1. Ummm, this is quite possibly the MOST AWESOME birthday party I’ve ever seen. Every part of it is so awesomely creative and fun that I’m totally blown away. I can’t show Mason pictures because I’m pretty sure he’d die from jealously.

    I’m gonna have to hire you as a party consultant for Mason’s 4th birthday!

    • Aww, thank you so much! Honestly, I think my Pinterest problem is a bit of an addiction. Who sits around making 30 felt capes at 12:30 after the kids are asleep? NO ONE, that’s who. It’s a sickness!

  2. The party is super cute but YOU! You look amazing!

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  4. WOW!! That is the coolest party I have ever seen! Am so impressed with all the little details! Great job! :)-Ashley

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