Our Week in iPhone Photos: 7/7-7/13

How on earth has another week gone by? Is it just us or is this summer FLYING? Cole and I have boundless energy, and are apparently solar powered – no need for naps in these bright summer months! Whee! Mommy, on the other hand, is drooping; we are partying too hard for her to keep up! In fact, this post is late because she *fell asleep* on the job while editing it.


On Sunday, Mommy was on her way back from Boston with Grammy Boo, so Daddy and Cole and I went to a birthday party at the park. This is the only pic we have from the whole day, but it’s a good one, no?


IMG_0116On Monday, we went to the mall because Cole was getting a special toy.
IMG_0118I didn’t get a special toy, so it was kind of boring for me.


IMG_0136We had a pool playdate on Tuesday and swam ALL day with a bunch of really good friends.


IMG_0154Coach is FINALLY home, so we went over for lunch on Wednesday.


IMG_0157See that White Castle slider? I ate the whole thing.


IMG_0166And Grandma and Aunt Angela came over for dinner!


IMG_0168Here we are pretending like we sleep all the time.  Notsomuch.


IMG_0173Mommy is down 35 pounds since January!
IMG_0183Cole got to play with Trey, and I was MAD I didn’t get to go.
IMG_0190But jumping on the couch cheered me up.
IMG_0193We went for a walk and were sad to find that the playground down the street is all locked up.


IMG_0208There were people coming over to see our house, so Mommy hustled us all out the door. We headed off to Monster Mini Golf.
IMG_0214Mommy would like the record to show that even though she was playing with me on her back, *and* Daddy was totally cheating, he only beat her by one point.


IMG_0250Cole is supposed to have t-ball on Saturday mornings, but it was rained out. Not until AFTER Mommy woke him up and drove him all the way there… so they headed to Coach and Grammy Boo’s for breakfast instead.
IMG_0265We headed to Cousin Zachary’s 2nd birthday party. ARRRR!
IMG_0297After the party, we made the impromptu decision to go to Rye Playland.  BEST decision ever.
IMG_0299I was sad because I couldn’t go on ALL the rides.  Goldfish only helped a little.
IMG_0306Driving trucks.
IMG_0313Rye Playland is awesome. So is Aunt Angela.
IMG_0330There were a *few* rides I was big enough for, and I went on ALL of them.
IMG_0334There was cotton candy.  Saturday was kind of epic.
IMG_0341The boardwalk right outside of Rye Playland is where the ending of Big was filmed, so of course there is a Zoltar machine. True Story: Cole told Daddy that he had a wish and it was to be big enough to ride the big roller coaster… He did not wake up as Tom Hanks, though, so we’re okay.

We are kicking summer’s tushie.

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  1. skinny mama!!! wow! I’m so jealous of all the things you kids get to do. Our town is so tiny and limited, I love getting to see where you all go.

    • Aw, thanks! I love where we live – close enough to NYC to go in when we want to, but far enough outside to not have all the traffic and crowding and whatnot. Rye Playland is one of my favorite places – it’s beautiful, and so much fun.

  2. First of all – 35lbs!!! You go girl!!! You look amazing!!!

    I’m adding rye play land to our summer to do!

    • We had SO much fun! Lulu was pretty ticked because options for rides for kids under 36″ are limited (2 & under get in free), but Cole had a blast – and has already requested we go back!

  3. Oh my, where to start!

    First, I’m very jealous of all of your swimming. It didn’t turn swimming weather here until basically the last few days in June. We haven’t been to the pool at all and the beach just once. We need to cram a LOT of swimming into August.

    That is quite possibly the biggest cotton candy I’ve ever seen.

    35 lbs?! That’s so awesome! Way to go, you are rocking it!!\\

    That mini golf looks super fun but the closed playground is super sad

    • 40 pounds now! 🙂

      We’re headed to the beach for a week at the end of August and I cannot wait! I’d be so sad to live someplace where it was too cold to swim in the summer. 🙁

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