Our Week in iPhone Photos: 5/26-6/1

ARG. I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get this posted, but Mommy’s laptop is still in the shop, and not only is it really hard to post from her phone (especially with all of these pictures, so that’s why this is abbreviated), but also, apparently once we have let a week go by we can’t remember what we did anymore! I am trying ONE more time, but if this draft disappears like the first 2, I quit and we’ll have to try again next week.


Sunday was Bark at the Park at the Boulders game, so Cole and Henry and Daddy and Grandma went there while Mommy and I visited with family at Grammy Boo’s house.


The pool opened on Memorial Day weekend so we spent a few hours there on Monday afternoon. The pool is heated so the water was really nice, but getting out was FREEZING!


Mommy had plans for us to go on a big adventure on Tuesday, but then I was Cranky von Grumpypants so we stayed home instead.


Cole went off to school and Mommy and I went for a walk on Wednesday morning – and I stayed awake!


Mommy had errands to run and chores to do so Cole and I hung out at Coach’s house for a while on Thursday. (Coach and Grammy Boo are leaving this week for a MONTH long visit to Uncle Matt and Aunt Maya in Australia. Mommy is having a nervous breakdown plotting how to slip me into their carry on kind of nervous about what we will do without them!)


Cole’s teachers came over to light Shabbat candles with us on Friday night, so Mommy left us to watch a movie while she straightened up a bit. We took turns giving each other kisses which was the Cutest Thing Ever.


Saturday was Max’s birthday party which was super fun from what I hear – painting, llama pettting, and cupcakes! I didn’t get to go because I woke up at 3AM with a fever of 103.

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