Our Week in iPhone Photos: 2/17-2/23

This was a weird week because Cole was off, but Daddy wasn’t. Plus Mommy had evening obligations so a lot of day time excursions weren’t in the cards. We did get to have a fun adventure on Monday, and Thursday was thoroughly exhausting, but I think we are all pretty glad that preschool is back in session this week!


IMG_5117So yeah, this week? Pigtails happened.  Cole said I looked like a moose.


IMG_5121On Monday the stars aligned, and not only were Cole and Daddy both off from school, but Taylor (Max’s daddy) was, too.  We all headed to Stepping Stones.


IMG_5129Contrary to what it looks like in this picture, we were not the only ones with the Stepping Stones idea – I think every kid in Connecticut was there!


IMG_5138In Tot Town, they have little costumes to dress up in.  Mommy put me in the duck.


IMG_5140Are you dead from the cute yet?


IMG_5143How about now?


Cole and Max went fishing…


IMG_5146And then Max drove a rooster, while Cole rode in the cart in the back.  Mommy is not clear on what this exhibit was all about.



Cole did some cooking.


IMG_5151And Daddy helped me and Sarah do a puzzle.  We all went to lunch at Burger Bar & Bistro, which was incredibly kid-friendly and delicious – HIGHLY recommend if you’re in the area.


IMG_5164Cole had some extra energy before bedtime so he and Mommy did the 30 Day Shred.  Or he did the shred and Mommy laid moaning on the floor after about 8 minutes. Cole was still running around and doing jumping jacks after the video was over!


IMG_5169On Tuesday night, Mommy had rehearsal for the Purim Shpiel, so Cole went to play at one of her former student’s houses, and I got to hang out at temple!


IMG_5171It wasn’t really as exciting as you might think.


We spent practically all of Wednesday at home, in our jammies – it was a very lazy day. Cole made a parade of his dinosaurs – he told Mommy they were going into the city.



Thursday started bright and early – I played Peekaboo Barn on the iPad, while Mommy dozed on the couch.


IMG_5182We both had follow-ups with Dr. Andy, which we totally don’t mind because he has awesome toys in his waiting room.  Mommy kind of wonders how weird it would be just to take us there on a rainy day and let us play…


IMG_5184After our check-ups, we went to the mall, which of course involves visiting the train table at Barnes & Noble.


IMG_5187I was more interested in running the length of the store than in the train table.


IMG_5196Cole got to play at the Lego store, too!


After all of that excitement, I was pretty tuckered, and I *almost* took a couch nap. Mommy thinks I must be reading Suzanne’s blog!


IMG_5197But wait, there’s more! Thursday was crazy long in hindsight.  Daddy took Cole and me to a concert at the library and then dinner at Grandma’s house. Matching pink bunny hats FTW!


IMG_5200Mommy had dress rehearsal for her 80s themed show. Doesn’t she look totally awesome?


IMG_5221Friday was relatively uneventful, but then it picked up when Daddy said we could go to Chuck E. Cheese!


IMG_5226I got to drive a car.


IMG_5229And Cole drove a rocket ship!


IMG_5237Saturday we went for our customary visit to Coach and Grammy Boo’s house – laundry day! We had rigatoni for lunch, so Mommy thought it might be a good idea to take my shirt off.


IMG_5241Wise choice.


IMG_5245And we got in some snuggle time with Coach.


IMG_5255Cole insisted that Mommy take a picture of me driving his car, and then he wanted to be in it, too. Unfortunately, neither one of us sits still for portraits, so this is the best of the blurry bunch Mommy took.


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  1. OMGOSH LULU YOU ARE THE CUTEST DUCKY EVER! And we love the piggies. Seeing your Sunday “week-in-photos” makes me miss my iphone soooooo much! I’m glad you guys had another good week!

    PS: S, you totally rocked that 80s look!

  2. Yah for (almost) couch naps! I’ve heard good things about Stepping Stones but it’s kind of far for us. I LOL’d at the rooster pulling the cart though.

    • If you’re ever on this end of the state, we’d totally meet you there – so much fun! I want to take the kids back to Mystic sometime soon, too – maybe this summer…

  3. I love your weekly recaps great 80s costume

  4. Re: Wednesday: the dinosaur big city like on Dinosaur Train???

    Also duck costume? So dead.

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