Our Week in iPhone Photos: 12/23 – 12/29

We are linking up with Suzanne from on the road this week – we’ve been on vacation! It’s so nice when Daddy is home to play, and as a bonus, Uncle Matt is visiting from Australia! *Most* of us have gotten over whatever ills we had for the last couple of weeks, but poor Daddy caught a cold just in time for his week off… Luckily, Grammy Boo brought Nyquil, so that and cough drops have been keeping him functioning. This picture-heavy post is a little difficult for the iPad, so forgive us any spacing issues, okay?



Daddy took me and Cole for the whole day on Sunday so that Mommy could get some last minute errands and holiday preparation done. We went to the library for a while and I climbed up on the chair all by myself!

Then we went to Dunkin’ Donuts for our customary post-story time munchkins, and Cole was hungry so he gobbled up a whole sandwich!


Mommy and Cole made cupcakes for “Walk Around the Table.” Every Christmas Eve, we go to Uncle David & Aunt Angela’s for a diner of yummy hors d’oeuvres with Grandma and Aunt Rebecca & Uncle Jeff.

Cole went with Mommy to Babies R Us to pick up some extra diapers and stuff for our trip. He took a little detour to drive the fire truck in the entrance with Ernie.

We tried to take a Christmas picture in front of the tree, but I was not really in the mood.

I was much happier snuggling with Aunt Rebecca.

You guys? The cupcakes? YUM. Mint chocolate cakes, dark chocolate ganache, and peppermint cream cheese frosting. YUM again.


Christmas! Mommy fail: we have no pictures of Christmas breakfast at Grandma’s house. Aunt Rebecca posted this one on FB, and we’re pretty sure it was from her iPhone, so that counts, right?

This is the only picture Mommy got on Tuesday; I was so happy to see Uncle Matt that you can’t even tell that I screamed the last third of the 6 8 hour trip. Mommy threatened to get out and walk the last 20 miles – we were all DONE with the car.


Hey look! Wear ‘Em Wednesday! Cole fell *fast* asleep on Mommy’s back on the walk home from town.


On Thursday, we were snowed in, and Cole discovered that the storage under the beds in the loft is all connected, so you can crawl through the cool tunnels.

We spent most of the day just hanging out…

…playing with Grammy Boo…

…and Coach. It was a lazy kind of day.


We went outlet shopping with Grammy Boo on Thursday, and then had lunch at the diner. They gave me a hat!

Cole took a swim in the HUGE jacuzzi tub when we got back. It’s about 3 feet deep, I think!

Meanwhile, Daddy went skiing with Uncle Matt and Coach.


We went skiing on Saturday, and Cole finally got to wear his super awesome snow outfit that he picked out!

I didn’t get to ski, but I bundled up and went to the mountain for half a day of day care so Mommy and Daddy could ski together with Grammy Boo and Coach. (Cole had lessons.)

Cole has been *itching* to make a snow man all winter – look at the one he and Daddy built!

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  1. I have to laugh at the snowman! We built a similar snowman a few weeks ago when we got a 2 day blizzard. Your little girl wears the prettiest dresses and my son has that same pajamas set. Cute pics!
    I wanted to let you know I host a link up called My life via instagram that maybe your iphone picture post would be great for. Would love for you to link up your next post! 🙂

    Heather from Mommy Only Has 2 Hands

    • Thanks! I will definitely check out your link up – looks like it’s combined with Wordless Wednesday. Is it okay that my iPhone posts aren’t wordless? And not Instagram? I tried to get on there, but couldn’t quite get the hang of it – it’s overwhelming with Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest… Too much social media!

    • Hmm yeah, Wear ‘Em Wednesday…someday we’ll be well enough that I can wear one of the boys again…

  2. Ok that looks like an awesome week!!! Lulu is so freaking cute- also what mountain has day care?

  3. I am late late late but that outfit Lulu wore on Tuesday was TOO CUTE. Can I admit I’ve never ever ever been skiing? I’m terrified. E and I both grew up in very winter-sportsy areas but neither of know how to ski so we haven’t ever considered taking the kids. I suspect they would love it though, since Evan thinks snow is the best and Caroline is a true winter baby.

    • My dad teaches ski lessons on the weekends, and my brother was captain of his high school and college ski teams; I grew up with it! Cole will tell you he knows how to ski, he just goes to the lesson to practice. 🙂 Adam is less experienced, but can keep up with me – on the one or two occasions a year I go. Usually it’s too cold!

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