Wanted: Pink Bunny


Cole has a rotating cast of characters in a very complicated hierarchy that only he knows; some nights, Woody & Buzz are in the place of honor on his pillow, other nights, his monkey is in that spot.  He is just as likely to take any new toy to bed than to snuggle his tried and true favorites.


But Lulu? She has a lovey, and his name is Pink Bunny.  He is almost as effective at soothing her as her binky. She snuggles up with him to go to sleep, and he was a friend on her trip to the ER.


The problem? As Lulu’s attachment to her lupine pal grows, so does my anxiety over the possibility that he could become lost or destroyed… as it is, he’s kind of more gray than pink in some spots, and he has narrowly missed being thrown up on on several occasions.  His care tag cautions against being immersed in water, so a bath in the washing machine is out.  I plan on trying to do some spot cleaning with a mild detergent, but I would feel more comfortable if we had a back up.  So, here is my plea: does anyone have an extra Pink Bunny? He was made by Carter’s under their “Just One Year” label in 2011.  I think he was purchased at Kohl’s.  If you have a spare, please drop me a line in the comments!

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