Our Week in iPhone Photos: 12/16 – 12/22

Mommy said I did such a good job with Suzanne’s link-up last week that I can take over hosting this feature – YAY!  That’s especially exciting seeing as I didn’t get to do *anything* this week except go to the ER. We’ve had another rough week, but it seems like everyone is finally on the mend!


Last Sunday was part of the brief window of time between my high fever the week before and my high fever this week.  Cole wasn’t feeling great, so he slept in and I took advantage and got to play with my doll house without him complaining that I was doing it wrong.  Excuse me, there is no law that the piano bench HAS to stay next to the piano.  Feng shui, Cole. Also? Just because the cake is fake doesn’t mean I don’t want to taste it!
Cole woke up in a super charming mood.  Mommy made some sort of horrendous suggestion – probably that he might want to put pants on – and he threw a fit under the kitchen table. Ahhh, 3 year olds, amiright?
High fevers over the past few weeks mean a lot of baths. Cole likes to draw with the tub crayons; I like to snack on them.


Cole was still sick on Monday, so he slept late AGAIN.  More solo dollhouse time!
We dropped Cole off at Coach’s house so I could go to the last Music for Aardvarks class of the semester.
Cole was clearly not SUPER sick – he felt well enough to try on all the sunglasses at the pharmacy while we were waiting for his ear drops.
This is what I look like coming in for a kiss. Mwah!


Oh, Tuesday. I did not feel well on Tuesday.
Cole, on the other hand felt much better. He felt well enough, in fact, to dump all of the toys out onto the living room floor while Mommy was busy snuggling me.
Sad, sick baby.  Mommy put me down to help Cole use the potty, and I just laid there.  This is when Mommy got really worried; I had the same 104 degree fever last week, but I was perky and alert then.  This week? Notsomuch.   


After spending all of Tuesday with a high fever, refusing fluids, and generally acting listless, when I woke up at 3:30AM with a bone dry diaper, it was the last straw for Mommy.  After a quick consultation with Taylor and FB advisors, we headed off to the ER.  There, they poked and prodded and chest x-rayed and catheterized and blood worked and decided that I had pneumonia.  They gave me IV fluids and antibiotics, and sent us home after a nebulizer treatment.  You guys? I don’t really like the ER – this was NOT a fun adventure.
While we were in the Er, Coach came over so Daddy could go to work.  When we got home, Mommy decided to take a nap with me rather than wake him up from school, figuring he was still recovering from his own illness.  He was MAD, but perked up with a Disney Junior marathon.
So MANY snuggles.
I *finally* perked up a bit later in the evening.  Notice the pajama change? Cousin Meredith came over to help (you have NO idea how much Mommy appreciated that!), and I thanked her by throwing up all over her.  Sorry, Mere!


We’ve already posted most of our pics from Thursday; Mommy dropped me off with Coach and she and Cole and Uncle Matt (!!!) went to the mall.  Cole was a little tuckered when they got back, so he laid on his lion and recharged with some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Hanging out with Coach.
I felt well enough by Thursday evening to eat some dinner.


Enough with the mama-razzi – can’t you see I’m SLEEPING?!

Cole looks like he’s having fun, so I won’t mention to him that the photo cutout outside of Petco is probably meant for dogs…


Cole *loves* birthday parties – especially gymnastic-y ones where he gets to climb and play.

We went to Grandma’s house and Cole watched a Christmas movie with Aunt Angela. Apparently it was a very serious Christmas movie.


More serious Christmas movie watching.

This week? We are going to all try our best to stay healthy! We are going to Uncle David and Aunt Angela’s house for dinner on Monday night, and then we will have breakfast at Grandma’s on Tuesday morning, before we head to New Hampshire for the week – stay tuned for news of skiing with Uncle Matt!

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