A Look Back at 2012

January 2012

Since I was pretty much the biggest thing to happen to our family this year, I get to host our recap! I can’t believe I’m almost a year old already, and that the year has flown by! For any of you who are new here, or anyone who may have missed anything, here’s a look back:

I joined the family in January, which was a pretty spectacular start to the year!  Mommy caught some flak for posting a birth story that did not actually include my birth, but we eventually got it right.

Most of February was just spent adjusting to life as a family of four, but we did take the time too write a love letter to one of our favorite restaurants.

March was busy, busy, busy; Cole shared an exciting achievement, Mommy made delicious cupcakes, and we tried our hand at song parodies.  Cole maintained his techy toddler status by recommending our favorite toddler friendly apps for the iPhone and for the iPad.

April, May, June, and July were kind of a blogging drought.  Mommy gave some advice about going out with two children, and then was so exhausted that typing out Cole’s posts was just another thing at the end of the day that didn’t happen.  We ended up doing a catch-up post before falling off the grid again.  Mommy redecorated Cole’s room to better suit a Big Boy.  Cole monitored my growth, and then had his own milestone: he learned to swim at the end of July right before he turned 3 in August, and had a faboo Dinosaur Tea Party.  Fun!

September brought our blogging renaissance: We recapped our amazing summer vacation, posted a tutorial, created a guide for the High Holidays, AND we went to see dinosaurs!

We started out October by parodying 90s novelty rap, and then posted a Baby Carrier Battle.  Mommy made Cole’s Halloween costume again, and it came out super cute!

November was NaBloPoMo, and we *almost* made it to the very end.  Cole and I both quit sleeping around Thanksgiving, so Mommy totally lost her oomph, and some of those posts in there are kind of duds, but we did have a few favorites: Cole made a comparison between him and me, and found that we have nearly nothing in common, and we made recommendations for our favorite baby shower gifts.  Mommy’s tire *exploded,* but luckily Coach was there to save the day.  We made a gift guide for kids, and joined a few weekly link-ups.  We’re having so much fun with our iPhone pic posts, and *obviously* we had to join in on Wear ‘Em Wednesday!

We *finally* made our big move in December, and then Cole and I both got sickUncle Matt is home visiting, though, and we are looking forward to Christmas Eve Walk Around the Table, Christmas breakfast at Grandma’s, and vacation in New Hampshire – all before the end of the year!  Can’t wait to see what 2013 will bring.

December 2012

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