Our Week in iPhone Photos: 11/11-11/17

Okay, so I failed at my “day in the life” photos, but I *did* get pics every day this week – so we can join Suzanne‘s link-up.  YAY!  Here we go:


 How to keep a toddler occupied for hours: Give him a stack of paper cups to call his very own.  Best Toy Ever.


 We went to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan and Lulu made friends with a dragon.
 Mommy says this is a phone. It does NOT look like a phone to me!


 On Tuesday, before we almost died on the Tappan Zee Bridge, we went to the Bronx Zoo.  Max’s and my favorite part was the Bug Carousel – but this time around we did not elect to ride on any of the insects like usual; can you tell what we are sitting in? In keeping with the theme, rather than a carriage or something, this carousel has benches designed to look like balls of dung being pushed by dung beetles.  Max and I are happily riding in a ball of poo.


 Wednesday was school picture day, so I wore my nice button up shirt and vest. Then I came home and took off my pants because I’m three.


 Sometimes I make bad choices.


 BACK to Mavis because the tire pressure light was still on in Mommy’s car; she was beginning to consider setting up a cot in one of the garage bays. Luckily, everything seems to be fixed now!


I know this picture is ridiculously blurry, but it SO sums up who I am: running, exuberant, always on the go!  I’m about to FLY!
See you next week?
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  1. Thank you for linking up! Your week looks a lot like ours with the running and jumping and pantlessness and poor choices.

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