#47 – 1000 Awesome Things

Mickey & Minnie

You know on the Fraggles, there was Uncle Traveling Matt that was always off exploring and sending post cards to Gobo? I have my own Uncle Traveling Matt – he lives in Australia and I only get to see him once or twice a year.

For this visit, instead of spending all of his time in New York, Uncle Matt took us all down to Disney World – AWESOME. You guys? I. Met. Mickey.

AND Minnie.

There are just no words… but of course I’ll try. First of all, even the bus we rode from the airport (Magical Express) had Mickey’s picture on it – he was EVERYwhere, but I didn’t meet the man mouse himself until Wednesday, when we went to visit him in Town Square in the Magic Kingdom. I didn’t really know what we were standing on line for, but the *moment* I saw Mickey and Minnie, I JUMPED out of Mommy’s arms to run and give them a hug!

After a quick chat, some pictures, and kisses goodbye, it was time to go – but I got to see Minnie again at breakfast on Thursday.

We went to a buffet breakfast at the Cape May Cafe at the Beach Club, and Goofy, Donald, and Minnie visited all of the tables. I was cordial to Goofy, all but ignored Donald, but could NOT keep my eyes off Minnie!

I even put my ears on because I thought she’d like them; when she was at the next table, I yelled “Mommy! Hat!” and I kept it on until the moment she walked away.

I am totally in love.

So I may not see Uncle Matt very often, but he hangs out with a pretty great crowd!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Cole, it sounds like you had a great trip!!! I'm so glad your mommy remembered the camera this time!!! You and Minnie are very cute together!!! Glad you had such a good trip!!

    I am pretty sure I need an Uncle Matt…. Any clue where I can get one!?

  2. Cole, you are soooo lucky! My daughter would have been so happy to see what you saw because like you, she is obsessed with Mickey! I'm so glad you weren't afraid of big stuffed characters. My daughter has seen only one when she was smaller and wasn't afraid then (sounds creepy, but he offered her candy lol) so I hope she will be able to see Mickey someday too.

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