#48 – 1000 Awesome Things


Spring is fleeting in the Northeast; we have a few weeks of beautiful, mild weather smushed between a long, freezing winter and the 127% humidity of summer. It is so exciting when the sun finally comes out, and Mommy and I love to spend time outside.

Most of the playgrounds we go to have animal friends to climb on.

I love to swing and to slide AND to climb on the equipment. Mommy likes playgrounds, too, because, generally, they tucker me out.

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  1. Mason is not too fond of riding on non-greyhound animal friends and I hope that's something he grows out of because Cole on the frog? ADORABLE!

    I'm wondering how long Cole will have to be a good sleeper before I stop going “Oh yay, Cole is actually sleeping!” LOL

  2. We love to be outside too 🙂 the park has the same effect on Logan, lol.

    Glad yall had fun! Cool playground 🙂

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