#49 – 1000 Awesome Things


I have thin, blond, fluffy hair – and I am *super* fair, so in order to avoid sunburn on my scalp, I wear a lot of hats. Also? They’re fashionable! Remember the awesomest hat EVER that I tried on a few weeks ago and Mommy has been kicking herself for not buying ever since because it’s not available online or in the local store? This hat?

Guess what? Aunt Debbie got it for me! And? It is just as cool as Mommy remembered! Mommy and Daddy and I had lunch at an outside table on Sunday, and my nifty hat stopped pedestrian traffic – *every* single passerby commented on how cool it is! This is a hat that deserves the 3 4 exclamation points in the paragraph!

Here are some other favorites – most of them don’t fit anymore because my head grew since last year…

I picked out my St. Patrick’s Day hat all by myself.

Max has a supercute bear hat.

The firemen gave me a helmet!

Daddy and I have matching penguins!

The cabbie hats have always been Mommy’s favorites.

I used to even have a hat for sleeping. 🙂

As I said, most of my hats are too small for me now, but those cabby hats are hard to find this season for some reason – if you see one, let us know, Mommy would love one for this summer! {Size 18-24 months}

P.S. If you don’t already follow me on Facebook, you might want to – I put up the cutest video ever last night!

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  1. Hats ARE awesome and it is so great that you don't mind wearing them!

  2. Those definitely are some spectacular hats and I'm glad your aunt found you the cool St. Patrick's Day hat! The penguin hat is still my favorite, of course :o)

    I'm also jealous that you don't mind wearing them! I'm holding out hope that once Mason gets his helmet off, he also won't mind wearing them since he's so use to having something on his head. A girl can dream, right?

  3. OMG… that first hat totally deserves all the exclamation point love! SO Cute! 🙂 My guy won't keep a hat on to save his life.

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