#52 – 1000 Awesome Things

Toy Story

Ohmigosh, how I love Toy Story! Mommy got Toy Story 3 for her birthday last fall, and threw it in the DVD player recently on a whim – and I am *hooked.*

Woody (“Wee!”) and Buzz (“Buh!”) are my new best friends. We have now watched the opening sequence to Toy Story 3 so many times that I can (and do) tell you what happens next. I gleefully shout “Piggy!” *before* Mr. Evil Doctor Porkchop makes his appearance. I yell “uh oh, hat!” and THEN a gust of wind blows Woody’s hat away. {This is usually the time that I decide I *need* to be wearing my hat, which is why we have a picture of me eating a breakfast banana in my footie jammies and a baseball cap.}

The day I took my shirt off and refused to put it back on? Watching Toy Story.

I know you can’t really tell, but it IS Toy Story, trust me. Also, yes, that’s another banana; I’m a creature of habit… right until I decide the food that I’ve *loved* and specially requested for months is all of a sudden disgusting.

Mommy bought Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in self defense and, while 3 remains my favorite, I like them almost as much! I love when Buzz goes into Spanish mode and giggle when he dances – and dance along! Of course, when Mommy grabs the video camera I stop right away…

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  1. Toy Story is the best! They are all great.

  2. To Infinity…And Beyond!!

    Buzz was the Kid's fav when he was little.

  3. His Toy Story obsession makes me smile. Probably because I'm not the one suffering through it 27 times a week, but seriously? SO CUTE!

    You seriously just need to put the video camera up above the TV and let it run ALL THE TIME to catch some of the cuteness on camera. Batteries shmatteries!

  4. Following you thru the blog hop! Hope that you'll take some time to check out my blog as well. Have a great day!!



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