#53 – 1000 Awesome Things


…or, as I call them, “choo choos.” {Choo choos! Choo choos! CHOO CHOOS! Accompanied by banging on my bedroom door until someone relents and opens the door to play with me. 27 times a day.}

Every single time Mommy and I run errands at the mall, we *have* to go into Barnes & Noble to play with the train table there – and when we’re in the other Barnes & Noble, which doesn’t HAVE a train table, I spend the whole time wandering saying “oh-oh. choo choo?”

We went to the New Jersey Children’s Museum, and I played on their train table for about 85% of the time we spent there…

… completely ignoring the REAL fire engine they had for kids to explore and drive!

Mommy has been looking to replace one of her pairs of boots – they are completely falling apart – so we went to Marshall’s. I wandered down the toy aisle and came back with the ONE Thomas the Tank Engine toy they had.

I really, really love trains.

Sorry for the wobbly camera work; Mommy’s just not as professional a videographer as one would hope. Also, I know this is pretty long, but I yell “whee!” at about 1:42, which is pretty cute.
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  1. Monkey, you gotta love the train table. Moms love the train table, because YOU love the train table, and then moms can have two hands again when needed.

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