#54 – 1000 Awesome Things

Modern Bird

Do you all know Modern Bird? You totally should – they are awesome! Megan and Gregg are the husband and wife team behind both Modern Bird Studios and the brand new Mod Tots.

Megan runs the business end of things, while Gregg takes photographs and creates completely unique and special works of modern art. Mommy totally needs a painting of Henry and me to hang on the wall, no? You can help!

Modern Bird Studios is running a contest on Facebook right now to WIN a 12? x 24?, multi-colored piece.

I want it.

The last contest they ran had 132 entries, so I can only assume there will be some steep competition. The winner that time had 118 votes to get into the semi-finals, after which the contest is decided by a panel of judges.

You guys can get me 118 votes, right? Pretty please? Come on, how can you resist this face?

So you’re convinced, right? You want to help me win? It’s SO easy!

  1. “Like” Modern Bird on Facebook – you can either click that link or the button here:

  2. “Like” my picture. This is the important part – there are going to be tons of cute babies, adorable pets, and pretty people over there. Don’t get distracted! You are looking for the picture of me and Henry – you know the one, I’ve posted it before, but here’s a reminder:
It’s a winner, right? Cute puppy, cute baby – there are even baby toes!

That’s it – just two steps – easy peasy! You could even tell your friends and family and coworkers to vote for me, too. You know, if you wanted…

I blow you kisses!

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  1. YAAAAAY!!!! So cute! I wish I could like it a hundred times!

  2. That's one of my favorite pictures ever!! Boo for no Facebook at work!!

    I will try to remember to vote tonight and encourage all of my Facebook friends to do the same! Tweet at me to remind me later on today pretty please!

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