Cole’s Gift Guide

It’s time to make a list! Black Friday and Cyber Monday start the official shopping season, so here are some ideas for the babies and toddlers in your life…

Sophie Saver, $8

You’ve heard me sing their praises before, but I *love* my Wubbanub and my Sophie. But how to ensure that we won’t lose either of them to my never-ending gravity experiments? Enter the Sophie Saver. This ingenious strip of fabric has snaps on each end and connects your Sophie or your Wubby or your binky or any small toy, really, to your stroller or your carseat or even your arm! Daddy is thrilled to no longer have to pick up my stuff from the floor endlessly, and the snaps are much more secure and useful than the pacifier clips you usually see. TIP: Buy two so when one is in the laundry you still have another!

BabyEtte Carriers, $36 – $118, $28.80 – $94.40

Fact: We did not use my stroller regularly until about 2 or 3 months ago. I *still* prefer to snuggle with Mommy than ride on most occasions (well, if I’m not runnning!). We have a collection of carriers, including a gorgeous purple wrap from BabyEtte we love it! She does custom work, too, so if none of her beautiful wraps or slings catch your eye, message her to make something special. Take 20% of anything in the BabyEtte shop from Friday through Monday with the code 20Babybfcm!

Super Hero Cape Set, $13.50

These are AWESOME. This set comes with the neat-o custom personalized cape and a matching mask. Can you just imagine how much playing you could do with that? Right now, one of my favorite things to do is walk around with Henry’s towel dragging behind me, so I can’t even imagine the fun of my very own cape! ::hint, hint::

32 Degrees Hats, ~ $30

I know you’ve all been coveting my amazing penguin hat – Daddy likes it so much that he’s getting a matching one for Hanukkah! (Oh, yes he is – stay tuned for pictures of THAT. Mommy might actually die of the cute.) My little fleece hat has a toggle in the back so it adjusts to fit my head and will grow with me. It’s got a nice, soft lining so there are no scratchy foreheads here! Plus, Christine is super nice and she has offered my readers free shipping! Just mention Cole’s First Blog when you contact her… Her website and FB page have pictures of all the different animals you can get, but personal (as in not wholesale) orders need to be faxed, emailed, or phoned in.

Handcrafted Wool Animals, $25 – $55, $22.50 – $49.50

Violastudio makes her adorable, whimsical creatures from upcycled wool sweaters and stuffs them with polyfill. They don’t have any small button eyes or anything to fall off and become choking hazards so they’d make great snuggle buddies! Viola has graciously offered you guys a 10% discount on any of the items in the “Wool Animals” section of her shop from now until November 26th – just put “ColeEmmett” in the message to buyer box and you’ll get a PayPal refund.

Felt Train Set Button Toy, $30 $24

I triple dog dare you not to fall in love with this toy! Every little boy *I* know loves trains, and the train table at Barnes & Noble is always pretty crowded, so it seems like choo-choo related items are a safe bet. And this train? Is educational, too! It buttons together, or you can separate the individual train cars. The pieces are numbered AND made from brightly colored felt so you could practice some new vocabulary or even sort them in a bunch of different ways. Get 20% off the train or any other item in the shop with the code HOLIDAY2010.

Wooden Play Kitchen, $260 (includes shipping!)

We live in a condo and totally don’t have room for this, but it is maybe the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I love to help Daddy cook, and my favorite toys at Grammy & Coach’s house are their metal measuring spoons, so clearly I am destined to be the next Emeril Lagasse. Bam! I obviously NEED a handcrafted pine kitchen with a stainless steel sink. Maybe Mommy and Daddy don’t need their kitchen table…

Felt Food, $5 – $22

Because what does one cook in their play kitchen, if not felt bacon and eggs? This set is only $10 and includes the plastic pan! Not a breakfast fan? Ann also has felt spaghetti and meatballs – and felt sugar cookies for your sweet tooth!

Hand Screen-printed Tees, $14 – $20

Okay, I *love* all of my Carter’s clothes, but sometimes it feels like every other kid at storytime has the same shirt on! These 100% cotton tees are the answer – they are bright, vibrant, and playful. Nobody else in playgroup is going to be sporting a top with a robot riding a triceratops, I’ll tell you that!

Music for Aardvarks, $250 $225

As fall fades into winter and the weather starts getting yucky, we are going to be trapped inside more and more often – you can’t go to the playground in a blizzard! If you’re like me, you can only spend so much time at home before you go bonkers! So why don’t you gift tuition to a great class for your favorite toddler? Mommy and I cannot say enough good things about our Music for Aardvarks class – the songs are catchy, there’s plenty of movement, and you get a CD for the car! Not to mention our teacher, Luke, is the best; he is really fun and he draws even the shy kids into the action. He doesn’t get mad when certain toddlers, who shall remain nameless, who may or may not have been teething, nom all over his instruments – and he even lets everyone play his guitar before we go! If you are in the Rockland/Westchester area, you are SO lucky; not only should you get in touch so we can become friends, you get 10% off enrollment in Luke’s next Music for Aardvarks class (begins the second week in January) just by mentioning Cole’s First Blog.

Whew! I hope I gave you some inspiration – you may want to bookmark this page and come back because some of the other sellers are still offering special deals to my readers! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Thanks for all the great gift ideas. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  2. The penguin hats come in adult sizes?!!? I am SO putting one on MY Christmas list! Her website seems a little user unfriendly, but I'll figure it out for something so awesome!!

    I've gotta say, the Wubbanub confuses me! Doesn't the puppy get heavy hanging out of your mouth?

    I keep saying we have to get Sophie a leash because the day I catch him well chewed up by Joe the Greyhound is going to be a sad sad day!

    And that kitchen? Is AWESOME!!

  3. These are fantastic! I had no idea a Sophie Saver existed! Brilliant. Another thing I TOTALLY should have invented! Grrr. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. That hat ROCKS!!! Great list!!

  5. Love that felt train!! So cute!

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