Capturing the Cute

Throughout the course of a regular day, in between bouts of The Grumpy, I am apt to do about 27 things that make Mommy dissolve from The Cute.

Unfortunately, even with ALL of the advanced technology at her disposal, she only manages to capture about half of these moments. Sadly, for example, she did not have her Flip handy when we were on the Santa Train (more on THAT later this week!) and I *carefully* handed her my cookie before enthusiastically applauding for the caroling elf – and then taking my cookie back.

Cute Captured Recently:

I like to flip over the step stool that we put Henry’s dish on and climb inside.We went to the Toddler Area at Paramus Park Mall and I took a ride on a swan.

I gave Mommy a *big* smile!

I’m not always cheerful, though – sometimes I wake up on the grumpy side of the crib.
…but lunch from Panera cheers me up!
Cute on the Move:

I received this ball popper as a gift last Hanukkah – and was *terrified* of it until recently. Seriously, I would take it out and Mommy would turn it on and I would SCREAM in horror! Henry still doesn’t like it much, but I’ve clearly gotten over my fears!

Cute Coming Soon:

Mommy has yet to capture video of me hiding behind the curtains and then jumping out and yelling “Ta Da!” in response to “Where’s Cole?”

Also, we really should do a video dictionary because I sign like a champ and growl like a lion very convincingly.

And? I’m just really cute when I run.

Don’t forget to join in my Thanksgiving Pot Luck and stay tuned for my gift guide coming this week!
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  1. Such a cute smile on that boy!!

  2. Awww, sad Cole is soooooooo sad!! :o(

    But he's sooooooooooo cute riding the swan!!

    And I am pretty sure both Joe the Greyhound and Mason are going to be traumatized by the ball popper. Crud! There goes my “Only buying one present” plan….

  3. So much cute, such little time.

  4. SUPER CUTE! You're a lucky boy!

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