#67 – 1000 Awesome Things


That’s right. I’m totally famous. Remember that time I told you about Jeremy Plays Guitar and how they are awesome and how they should write a song about how meerkats make me angry and if they did they’d probably win a Grammy?
So, ummmmmm, they totally did! Check it out:

{If you’re in a reader, or on an iPhone, or the player just doesn’t show up, or the player doesn’t work, you can click here for the mp3.}

It. is. AWESOME.

Don’t get me started on meerkats! Stinky, rotten, silly, little meerkats!

Seriously? Jeremy is the absolute coolest – did you hear all the details he put in about me and Henry? Like that we do yoga? I have a SONG about me, you guys! This is superexciting!

In case you missed the incident that the song is referring to, we went to the Norwalk Aquarium back at June and I got really angry that the meerkats did not come closer to the edge of the enclosure so I could play with them and pet them.

If you think you are cool enough to have a song about YOU, you should check out Jeremy Plays Guitar’s website – they have a contest every month!

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  1. Oh my gosh, this song just made my entire DAY!!!!!!! Love love love love it!!!

    I saw meerkats at the Detroit Zoo on Saturday and you're the first person I thought of!!! I totally wished Mason had been with to see how he felt about them!!

  2. What a great song! Congatulations!

    Love “Boo”

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