Bleep Besties? BLiFFs?

I’ve talked before about the sense of community that comes from blogging and being active in social media, and I was thinking today about all of the people I *know* that I’ve never met IRL (that means “in real life,” Grammy).

Mommy has *known* Kari for almost as long as she’s know Daddy! Kari and Mommy “met” through Mommy’s blog when she first started teaching. They’ve followed each other through moves, job changes, travel, and, well, ME. Kari sent me a box of diapers when I was born, and she and Mommy have exchanged *small* gifts for a few years. The linked blog is a combination of Kari’s photography and a travel log – she is just finishing up spending the whole summer in Europe – AND she sent me a postcard!

My dream playdate would have to include Evan, Little Kid, Aric, Parker, Hailey, Harrison, Kaitlyn, M, and OBaby – as just a START. There are SO many mommies and daddies and babies in my reader, and I feel like I am watching everyone grow up. I am as excited about Jenny’s triplets as the expected babies I know IRL. I have friends all around the country!

Finally, we know Harmony and C – I actually got to MEET them and go on a real playdate… AND they were as cool and fun in person as on the interwebz. (which is always a question mark, you know? Sure Hudson and Truman and Sawyer LOOK cute and adorable, but IRL, they could be, ummmmm, really old – like 7 or something!) ANYway, Harmony gave me my most recent piece of blog bling!

This might be a little sad on my part, but I’ll admit it anyway: I’ve TOTALLY wanted the Sunshine Award ever since I saw it on someone else’s blog, a few months ago. I mean, look at that cheerful flower! Now I have one of my own!!! (AND? It’s virtual, so Mommy’s black-thumb-o-plant-death can’t make it wilty and sad.)

So, the rules:

  • Thank Harmony. Thanks, Harmony! ::smooches::
  • Share ten things about myself. Okay, you guys? This is really hard! People always write things like “I’m a lefty,” and I totally *might* be a lefty, but handedness isn’t really determined until you’re 2 or something, so that’s out for me… and my favorite color is pretty much whatever is right in front of me at that moment. SO! I have a brilliant idea! What do YOU want to know? I’ll answer the first ten questions posted to my formspring, and THAT will be my ten things. Cool? Okay, GO!
  • Pass this along to 10 bloggers and let ’em know. By my count, I’ve got 12 bleep besties listed above so I’m TOTALLY cheating and forwarding this award to each of them. Love to all! Sunflowers for everyone!

OH! So for those of you who’ve been wondering since you read the post title, “BLiFFs” = “BLoggy Friends Forever.”

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  1. yay! Thanks Cole! We feel like we know you (and Henry!) too!!

  2. yeah for passing i ton! I hope you get to meet some of these folks soon. wink wink

  3. cool beans Cole, thanks for the present!

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