Beware of Duck

I hate, hate, HATE bath time – Mommy has video of my very first bath, with me screaming the whole way through, but she has promised not to post my boy bits on the interwebs… At any rate, I was not a big fan of bathing then, and I’m not now. At best, I *tolerate* a quick dip with a scowl and a pout, and at worst, well, I can be *very* loud.

ANYway, Mommy and Daddy really want me to like bath time – they both love swimming and want me to look forward to trips to the beach and summer splashing in the pool.

Grammy decided that maybe my problem is that the bathtub is just too big – Mommy tried bathing me in the kitchen sink AND in my little newborn tub and I didn’t like those either, but Grammy got me a new toy to try out.

I have yet to try out my munchkin Inflatable Safety Duck Tub on the high seas, so there’s no review yet, but it sounds pretty cool – there’s a disk on it that changes colors if the water is too hot, AND the beak quacks when you press on it.

Grammy and Daddy and Uncle David blew up my new duck tub today and I took it for a spin around the living room…

I’m liking Quackers on dry land, but I’m not sure whether we’ll still be pals at bath time. I do know someone who is NOT a big fan of my new avian friend, though.

Henry was not at all happy with Quackers in the living room. Apparently, he’s never seen a duck that big and does not trust him. Henry is very protective of me, though, and is always watching out (and barking at) really dangerous stuff like ghosts in the hallway and his own stuffed hedgehog out on the deck. It’s nice to know he’s looking out for me, but I think he overestimates the threat sometimes.

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  2. That's such a cute bath! I hope it helps you enjoy the water more because it's really fun to splash and swim. Mommy told me that my first bath was the worst, but now I'm a water baby I love it!

  3. Oh my gosh, toooooo cute!!! And Henry being afraid of Quackers? Totally something that would happen in my house too!

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