A Day With Daddy…

and we both survived! Mommy had a Bat Mitzvah to go to this morning, so I spent the day with Daddy and Henry. Here’s what it looked like:

4:15AM – I woke up and had a breakfast bottle with Mommy. Sometimes I decide to just stay up for the day, but I decided to give Mommy a break and go back to sleep for a little while. (For the record, I know I’m supposed to sleep on my back, but I prefer to sleep on my tummy and I can roll myself over so who’s going to stop me?)

6:55AM – Time to get up! I thoughtfully woke Mommy up so she could get ready to go and then hung out with Daddy.

Daddy did NOT think it was time to get up.

Henry also thought it was still sleepy time.

While Mommy gave Daddy all the directions for the day, I played in my jumperoo for a while. If you look carefully at the second picture, you might be able to see my TWO brand new teeth.

8:40AM – Daddy gave me my second bottle of the day and we said good-bye to Mommy.

9:00AM – Daddy thought I might like to take a nap in my swing. I did not.

9:15AM – I played with Henry on my playmat.

10:30AM – I took a long nap in my swing after such an exciting morning!

12:30PM – I woke up and had a diaper change. Daddy gave me a bottle and then we sat at the computer to check e-mail and Facebook. Umm, Daddy?

You forgot to put my pants back on! Shhh, I won’t tell Mommy.

1:40PM – I played in my bouncy seat while Daddy made himself a snack and Mommy came home!

I had a great morning! And, now, by popular demand, a second installment of Daddy-oke. You may remember his rendition of We Are the Champions. Here, for your listening pleasure, is Yellow Submarine. Enjoy!

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